Sponsor spotlight: Edmonds Rotary — inclusive, welcoming and fun. Join us!


Did one of your New Year’s resolutions include greater connection to your community? Maybe working with people in need? You’re not alone — more involvement with community is one of the most popular resolutions every year. But how? Where to start?

The answer just may be Edmonds Rotary.  What? I can’t join Edmonds Rotary!

  • “I’m a woman.”
  • “I’m under 70.”
  • “I can’t attend a meeting every week or face banishment.”
  • “I don’t have lots of money to invest in a service organization.”
  • “I am not religious and don’t want to join a secret society.”
  • “I don’t own a business, so I can’t join.”

These are just some of the myths that persist about Rotary.  Let me (a late 50s retired woman) set you straight.

Edmonds Rotary is about 50% women. Our members range in age from 30s to late 80s.  Some of us are retired, and some of us are still working. We are a politics- and religion-free organization. What we all have in common is the desire and energy to make a difference in our community and world.

YOUR local Rotary club works in conjunction with YWCA to maintain Trinity Place. Unveiled in 2005 and donated by travel guru Rick Steves in 2017, YWCA’s Trinity Place is a housing network that allows several entities to come together to create lasting and positive change. The Rotary Club of Edmonds selected Trinity Place for its Centennial Community Service Project and provides landscaping and maintenance.

YOUR local Rotary club cleans up the Edmonds beaches twice a year.

YOUR local Rotary Club is embarking on a major literacy project in The Gambia in West Africa.

YOUR local Rotary Club provides snack bags to Kids in Transition: Washington Kids in Transition is committed to providing basic needs to homeless children residing in Washington state, including food, emergency closets, motel vouchers, transportation vouchers. Our goal is to remove stressors that can keep homeless students from attending school because kids should not have to worry about where they will sleep or what they will eat.

And finally, YOUR local Rotary club is fun! We are engaged, supportive and welcoming.

If you are thinking that this might be for you — please join us at our Thirsty Thursday Social at Brigid’s Bottleshop on Jan. 31 at 5 p.m., located at 190 Sunset Ave., Suite C.  You can also find our regular meeting schedule on our website at edmondsrotary.com.

— By Maggie Peterson

(Sponsored by Edmonds Rotary)

6 Replies to “Sponsor spotlight: Edmonds Rotary — inclusive, welcoming and fun. Join us!”

  1. Is an old man smoking a cigar representative of the Edmonds Rotary? I believe that this is a poor choice of a photo for this sponsor spotlight.


  2. Thank you for your comment. Yes, it was meant as humor. Pointing out the old stereo-type of Rotary Clubs in general. I take 100% responsibility for the article’s contents and photo.


  3. I understand that this was a joke, but if the Rotary wants to gain more members then choosing a photo that is more inclusive would be a better choice. I am not interested in promoting stereotypes of any form. Thanks.


  4. I thought it was an excellent article because people do hang on to stereotypes. I was a bit put off when I saw the cigar but then realized the humor. I taught middle school and as soon as I lost my ability to see humor in things I had a bad day. A light touch can make good points.


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