With help from Edmonds PD, Lynnwood police arrest two in Highway 99 gun shop theft

Two suspects reaching into the display case at Lynnwood Gun, courtesy Lynnwood police.

Lynnwood police, assisted by officers from Edmonds and Everett, arrested two teenage males for stealing multiple guns from a Highway 99 gun store on Sunday, Jan. 6.

The two 16-year-old suspects entered Lynnwood Gun, located on the 20800 block of Highway 99, and were seen on video surveillance reaching behind the counter, into the display case and grabbing three handguns while the store employees were assisting other customers.

The two teenagers then ran from the store and were chased on foot by one of the store employees. When the employee caught up with them, the suspects dropped the stolen guns and continued to run away. Responding officers, including Edmonds police, surrounded the area, and a Everett police K-9 unit was summoned to help search for the suspects.

A witness later spotted the teens hiding behind the dumpster of a business and reported it to police.

Police arrived to find both suspects changing clothes behind the dumpster and arrested them without further incident. The two were charged with theft of a firearm, possession of a stolen firearm and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Two other individuals associated with the suspects were temporarily detained then released pending further investigation.

According to police, both suspects have a history of criminal activity, including assault, unlawful possession of a firearm and robbery.

4 Replies to “With help from Edmonds PD, Lynnwood police arrest two in Highway 99 gun shop theft”

  1. Let me start this off for all Edmonds fogies. “Thank God these juveniles were caught before they trampled my bushes or hurt Fluffy….and where were their parents? My goodness, what is the world coming to these days?”
    -The answer: The world is exactly where the previous generation left it, blaming the youth won’t change the fact that your generation were the parents… so blame yourselves!


  2. There should be a fine placed on the gun store for negligence.

    Cases should be locked when walked away from even if you are in the room, if you are not in front of the a gun case then lock it. Period.


  3. I agree…always blame the victim. BLAME THE PARENT.. The parent should be held liable. As you read he has many priors. Lets get rid of the age minor barrier and look at the crime.


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