Cheesemonger’s Table announces ‘Build Love’ cookies

The Facebook post from Cheesemonger’s Table.

In response to the Edmonds Bakery’s “Build the Wall” cookies making the news in the past week, Maria Montalvo and Strom Peterson of the Cheesemonger’s Table announced on Facebook that the restaurant is making its own “Build Love” cookies, available the week before Valentine’s Day on a pre-order basis. “We have put out our own cookie. I hope the rest of the Edmonds Community will, too,” Montalvo said in an email to My Edmonds News Friday.

    1. Typical virtue signaling. Perhaps Maria and Strom could perhaps wander down the street and publicly support a fellow merchant’s diversity of opinion and make a statement that threats against viewpoint or political perspective isn’t what Edmonds is about.

      1. Calling something “virtue signaling” is simply a way of dismissing the actions of another without considering that they may regard their actions as doing something positive. It simply shuts down a discussion by calling the other person’s motivation invalid.

        It’s rather like immediately calling “fake news” when a story doesn’t please one.

        1. Mr. Brown – I have to disagree with your comments. If Strom felt so strongly about the matter he should do something less trivial than announce this cookie venture (False News) and seek to protect a constituent’s rights to freedom of expression (even if disagreed with) and freedom from threats and slander. It needn’t be a public gesture at signaling Strom’s virtue; in fact, a private inquiry as a legislator with the bakery would probably have sufficed. Instead, Strom chose a public and promotional (perhaps profitable) display to display his supposedly superior virtue.

        2. What about vice signaling? Maybe we should debate who’s the better (or worse) smoker, drinker, jaywalker, etc., while we’re at it. Don’t mean to be flippant, or do I?

      2. Strom only supports ideologues who endorse his views.
        Build that Cookie Strom.
        What cause will you donate 100% of the profits to Strom?

        Just a leftist ploy, to get the “Build the Wall” cookie out of the headlines.

        1. Perhaps we should avoid ad hominem criticisms and putting each other in meaningless pigeonholes such as “leftist,” whatever that means. We all have legitimate life experiences which we base our opinions on, and are much more likely to listen if we aren’t attacked.

          Mutual courtesy is a prerequisite of a functioning community.

  1. Absolutely amazing thank you! You will forever have my business! Spreading love and not hate!! ❤️

  2. Thank you, Strom and Maria for epitomizing the best of Edmonds. I’m proud that Strom is my representative.

  3. Yes!! Messages of love, compassion and inclusion! This is what we need more of! Thank you Cheesemonger’s Table! I’ll definitely be in to order!

  4. Sad that when folks get together for sessions like the 3 Practices, share tables, coffee, ideas, all seem to be tolerant of each other and respect opinions and ask for clarification to help understand the view point of others. But give folks a keyboard and watch how civil the conversation becomes.

    1. Well meaning sessions like the 3 practices tend to be like “Preaching to the choir”. Trying to convince those about something that they already support, promoting a viewpoint already held by one’s audience.

      1. I would hope that no one passes judgment on the 3 Practices until they’ve attended a session. There’s a misconception that you come to these events armed with facts and figures to “persuade” someone to agree with you — whatever your perspective. I had one person tell me they were disappointed because they weren’t able to do that. But the whole purposes is to learn how to have a civil conversation. Period. Not to bring someone over to “your side.”

      2. Allen, I did not get the opportunity to meet you at the first 3 Practices sessions. My loss. Many of the folks I met did not share my views and visa versa. During the session we all learned how to communicate and listen to others in order to learn more about the topic being discussed and see on another’s points of view. I personally learned a lot and tried to help others learn as well. Hopefully I can be at your table at the next session.

  5. Once you lose a hold on civil discourse in any sort of public meeting or venue, the result is always chaos for someone, if not everyone. That’s why we have Robert’s Rules of Order for legislative and deliberative bodies, Judges and rules for evidence in Courts, and referees in sporting events. Without these tools, it is totally the law of the jungle, where only might, makes right. Sadly, there are those in our society that actually prefer that approach to reason and problem solving as a benefit to all. Dictatorship is much easier than Democracy which is why it is so prevalent in much of the World, as is famine, war and human misery in general, as a result. At the micro level, right here in little ‘ol Edmonds, 3 practices is a good thing and should be encouraged in my opinion.

    1. Mr. Nash – your implication is that the baker is somehow evil? Is that right? And if so, Strom is the virtuous one by selling an alternative cookie? Nonsense. A better gesture would be to promote the baker’s right to have a point of view, whether disagreed with or not. A better gesture would have been to protest the threats to the baker’s business and person. Strom as a legislator owes his constituent – the baker – and the rest of, better than a useless smug and self-aggrandizing bake sale.

      1. I asked on the FB bakery wall when it first started if it was a joke and I immediately received threats of violence and death on my post and screen shots of my personal FB got immediately put up in the feed (apparently this is called doxxing?). I took my comment down as a result because I did not feel it was a safe place to have my name as it appeared to be many people not from the area on there. I then messaged privately Ken if he would consider taking down threatening people and he did not respond (ever). I personally feel he is propagating threats/violence by allowing his bakery FB comments to stay so vile. Yes there is freedom of speech to consider but there is also a line of what you can control when you can remove comments of violence, hatred and racism. There are MANY comments on his bakery wall saying things such as ‘just the amount of white sugar’ and putting up white supremacy emojis (yes those are now a thing). I do not believe in smearing someone’s business in a public forum but I feel like he is relishing in this (negative) attention for sales. I really appreciate the Cheesemonger’s making an positive message option because it feels like a positive thing I can support in my community.

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