Councilmember Dave Teitzel says he won’t run for re-election

    Edmonds City Councilmember Dave Teitzel

    One-term Edmonds City Councilmember Dave Teitzel announced Saturday morning that he isn’t running for a second term.

    “It has been a true privilege to represent the citizens of Edmonds as a councilmember and I have deeply appreciated the opportunity to serve,” Teitzel said in his announcement. “We are fortunate to have an engaged, informed citizen base here and are blessed with a group of councilmembers who care deeply about the future of Edmonds.  I have also appreciated the work of Mayor Earling and his excellent staff in running our city so well.”

    Teitzel, a retired Qwest Communications executive, was elected in November 2015 to the council Position 5 seat vacated by one-term councilmember Joan Bloom. He said he was announcing his decision now “to enable potential council candidates sufficient time to plan their campaigns prior to the election filing deadline,” which is in May 17.

    Teitzel pointed to several accomplishments during his council tenure, starting with his work — as chair of the council’s Finance Committee in 2018 — with Councilmember Diane Buckshnis and City Finance Director Scott James “to establish high quality financial policies for the city that will guide this and future councils in better managing the city’s resources.” In addition, he led the effort to pass a resolution for the ban of single-use plastic straws, stirrers and utensils, and worked with the U.S. Postal Service to  locate a drive-up USPS mailbox next to the Edmonds Library, for residents who may have difficulty accessing standard mailboxes.

    “While we have collectively made great progress over the past several years, there is still much to do,” Teitzel said. “We need to set policies in place that will accommodate expected growth while protecting our environment. We need to embrace the cultural and demographic changes being experienced here. We need to ensure Edmonds’ evolution is managed in a way that protects the character and charm of our city. We need be sure infrastructure and safety improvements are fully funded while building adequate reserve accounts to enable continuing provision of high quality city services during lean economic years. And importantly, we need to continue to focus on working as a team—including citizens, businesses and municipal government—in a collaborative, respectful and productive manner to make Edmonds an even better place to live and work.”

    Teitzel said he looks forward to the remainder of his term and will “continue to work hard to serve our city throughout 2019.” Once off the council, he plans to stay engaged in the community through various volunteer and service opportunities.

    “And on a personal level, my wife has recently retired and we plan to take some time to travel domestically and abroad while we are still youngsters!” he added.

    9 Replies to “Councilmember Dave Teitzel says he won’t run for re-election”

    1. Congratulations Dave and what a great reason to retire (again)! Thank you for all your hard work these past years. I have enjoyed working with you on finance and your work ethic and preparation for all meetings is beyond impressive. Thank you for championing the single plastics use ban as well as being a team player on Taming Bigfoot which was labor intensive. I will certainly miss your candor and intelligence. Happy Trails to you and Kathy.


    2. Thank you, Dave, for your service. You can be active on committees or boards, a good way to help the city move forward in a productive way. Citizens who stay informed help Edmonds be a city to be proud of.


    3. Thanks for your service Dave. Go take a couple of trips and come back all refreshed and run for Mayor! Your insights and honesty would make for a great campaign.


    4. Dave,
      Thank you for your term on the Council. It was a pleasure working with you on the Taming Bigfot Planning Committee where you were a strong and thoughtful member. Best wishes to you and Kathy as you travel and enjoy your mutual retirements. Thanks again for sharing these past four years with the citizens of Edmonds.

      We will miss you.


    5. I have truly in enjoyed working with you on the Council the last few years. I’ll never forget our tour of the Waste Water treatment plant and the apparatus that keeps our city going. Your careful meeting preparation and insightful suggestions will be missed. Happy trails or sails, whichever you need next year.


    6. Dave – Your skillful ability to equably assess both sides of issues and reach critically thought-out decisions will be immeasurably missed in our public square. I know you and your lifetime bride have some ‘bucket list’ plans soon approaching but when your term ends this year, many us will still look forward to your next call to action in making Edmonds an always better place to live! God be with you, bruh!


    7. Dave, you have done yourself proud. The city has appreciated your diligent work. There will always be a place for you among the retirees who can enjoy a more relaxed situation and still contribute your talent for the betterment of Edmonds. Best wishes.


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