Letter to the editor: How many cookies will it take?

To the editor:

Mr. Bellingham of Edmonds Bakery apologized profusely for putting a message on a cookie that made a political statement and was interpreted as anti-immigrant. Then when the cookies turned out to be popular and profitable, he un-apologized.

Mr. Bellingham has a First Amendment right to put political messages, even hurtful or divisive ones, on his cookies. My question is this: How many cookies will opponents of the wall need to buy to get him to re-apologize?

Bob Hinck

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  1. Ben,

    First have you read any of his interviews? Think about the world we live in, we have a constitutional right to free speech unless it goes against the lefts idea of free speech. Your letter to the editor is a perfect example, you say in your letter that he has the right but then you try to point out he should re apologize. Why? Difference of opinion is what this country is about.

    Mr Bellingham didn’t ask for the lady to share it socially did he? NO. He then apologized to whom he may of offended, Yes. Then people that feel the same way, (that is the majority of Americans) decided to spend their hard earned money at his business.

    My question is why would he have to re apologize?


    1. The vast majority of national polls overwhelmingly show that, while the most Americans do support enhancing our border security, they DO NOT support building a wall. #FactsMatter


      1. Scott, You are right facts do matter but if you do a little research of the polls you are using you will find that they over sample Democrat voters by over 60%. If you look at republican voters you are looking at a majority. With our media today you have to do all the work, as they only give you one sided reporting.. That is called propaganda..

        Seventy-six percent of Republicans support President Trump declaring a national emergency to build a wall along the southern border, according to a Morning Consult/Politico survey released on Wednesday. Source Morning consult / Politico 1/30/19

        In contrast, 71 percent of Democrats strongly oppose Trump using building the wall through a national emergency or at all. Source Politico / CNN Dec 2018 Jan 2019

        Overall, 81 percent of Republicans approve of President Trump’s job performance, with 51 percent of GOP voters strongly approving of the president’s handling of the presidency. Source Polico / Breitbart / Fox Jan 2019


    2. Wow you “non-liberals” sure are sensitive – every piece of free speech gets scrutinized and you need to lose this victim mentality.


  2. Given the first amendment applies to all, both perspectives are valid. Confirmation bias kicks in making this whole excercise rather pointless to me. That said, objective fact is something all sides should embrace. For example, your suggestion that most Americans favor the wall is not born out by polling.


  3. “That’s the way the cookie crumbles.”
    “Let them eat cake.”

    Am I the only one who thinks this is getting silly? Perhaps energy and resources could be put to better use instead of taking sides and venting frustrations. But if there must be a cookie, I’d rather see peace ☮️ signs on mine.


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