No trash or recycling pickup for Republic, Waste Management customers Feb. 13

If you are an Edmonds residential customer with garbage and recycling pickup scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 13, Republic Services and Waste Management have canceled collections due to weather.

As for Sound Disposal, which serves the Edmonds Bowl, the hauler reported “they were able to collect from 98 percent of their Tuesday customers,” said City of Edmonds Recycling Coordinator Steve Fisher.

“I know they (Sound Disposal) are out doing as much as they can today for their Wednesday customers and perhaps others that were missed previously,” Fisher said. “Secondary roads continue to be iffy.”

Republic serves all Edmonds customers outside of the Bowl, while Waste Management provides service to about 120 homes in an area to the northwest and the south side of Lake Ballinger

Many customers of Republic Services and Waste Management already missed service a week ago due to snow. The company will pick up triple loads on the next scheduled pickup day next week — assuming no more weather events — at no extra charge.

Recycling is a different story, though. For example, if your recycling was scheduled to be collected this week, and is on an every-other-week basis, the next pickup will be in two weeks.

“Yes, missed pickups are an inconvenience but everyone is facing some inconvenience with this series of snow/ice/cold,” Fisher said.
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12 Replies to “No trash or recycling pickup for Republic, Waste Management customers Feb. 13”

  1. I don’t understand why Sound disposal can pickup but Republic can’t? Not even for some customers where the roads are clear today? Three weeks of trash piling up for some of us is unacceptable especially when it’s been demonstrated by Sound Disposal that it IS possible to do garbage pickup. Time for a new garbage provider in Edmonds?


  2. Our garbage was collected this morning by Republic. We’re up in the Seaview/Perrinville area. I saw trucks out on 196th (near 80th) on my way into work, too. So maybe they’re doing some neighborhoods?


  3. Olympic View Drive is clear, though lined, for the second week, with garbage cans. Clearly, OVD and other streets which have been plowed could have been serviced, even if some others could not be – and I expect those on serviceable streets would have understood. As it is, Republic “Services” has failed badly (while the mail got through!). Can we hope for a reduction in fees for the month? I’d say Republic owes us that much!


  4. I just checked Yelp! to see what sort of ratings other people have given Republic. The very large number of one-star ratings should give the city good reason to reexamine the contract with this broadly disliked company. That’s not even “sorta liked” or “could be better” – it’s serious disappointment and dislike!


  5. Sound Disposal and Republic Services have similar collection operations with some distinct differences. Sound’s collection area is the greater downtown “bowl” of Edmonds, which compared to elsewhere in south County received a less deep blanket of snow. Even that has slowed down or interrupted completing their routes. They also have nearly 1600 customers compared to Republic having over 9000 in Edmonds alone, plus another 2000 or so in Esperance/county and over 360 in Woodway. Republic uses the larger front and side-load trucks that, despite their weight (and they get heavier – think tons – as they continue to collect and fill up with waste), need to negotiate the conditions safely.

    Stopping at every can, maintaining control, even with heaviness there is slippage, and having access to the containers is all compromised when there are parked cars in the way, snow banks on the streets that did have a plow go by, narrow and tight, steep roads (plenty in areas outside the bowl), added to the already slippery and dangerous conditions.

    Sorry for my run-on sentences but please realize that the companies’ route managers drive the streets very early each morning when conditions are dicey to determine if it is safe enough for their drivers to provide service. That call is often difficult to make when some ares look to be accessible while the next section of streets do not. Safety continues to be their top priority and yes that is for the drivers but also for their customers, and the general public who are also trying to move around in these conditions

    Yes it is an inconvenience to have your garbage missed, it happens to me, too, just remember that it is picked up on schedule all the rest of the time – these truck drivers should be considered unsung heroes.

    As a reminder, the City of Edmonds (and Lynnwood) do not have contracts with their private waste haulers. They are regulated by the state’s Utilities and Transportation Commission and hold exclusive permits to provide service in certain geographic ares. These companies all follow the same regulations and are granted the right to cancel or postpone service if conditions threaten the safety of their operation.


    1. Great information Steve! My simple comment is: it’s really for all of our safety.

      The neighborhood streets where most pickups happen have (for the most part) NOT been plowed & are loaded with slush which makes navigation for those huge trucks difficult. My husband is a driver for Waste Management in Seattle and they make the call based on the community’s safety. Even if your road seems okay, a missed pickup usually means there are many other streets in terrible condition. Trust me ~ the drivers want to be working!! That’s their livelihood! And, it’s a bummer to have to work weekends to play catch up. ; )

      The inconvenience of the extra trash is nothing compared to – God forbid – a child, or pedestrian or a driver injured or killed. Then there’s the safety for everyone who is home on a snow day whose cars are lining the streets. I’d hate for our cars to be sideswiped due to the unpredictable slush.

      I’m biased of course, because my husband is a garbage guy – but I did like Steve’s ‘unsung heroes’ comment. Maybe if you think of it next time, put out a beverage or snack, like a Gatorade, with your trash. They really appreciate that simple act of kindness. Stay safe everyone! Thirty five days ’til Spring!


  6. It is not helpful to have this notice about Feb 13 pickup appear in the Feb 14 news. Every day this week a similar notice has appeared the morning AFTER pick up was canceled. What’s the point of publishing old news? Now I will have to hike down my driveway to retrieve my full cans. Thanks for nothing.


    1. We don’t receive notices of the cancellations until the morning of the pickup day. We posted this yesterday morning. Might be a good idea to check the website regularly during the day if you want the latest updates on garbage. We will post a notification about today’s service shortly.


  7. Republic sucks. We deserve a new contract with another company. It is a complete scam thsr they have not picked up our garbage in 3 weeks and our area has be clear for the last two. Oh, so nice of them not to charge you for extra bags, even though they have charged you for not picking up for 3 weeks. Don’t you see, they are ripping us off. Think about it, they pay their drivers to work one day instead of 3 days and pocket the rest! I called them and demanded a reduction for my next bill, and git it. If we all did that, this scam would stop!


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