No trash or recycling pickup Monday, Feb. 11 for Edmonds residents


If you are an Edmonds residential customer with garbage and recycling pickup scheduled for Monday, Feb. 11, all three companies serving the area said they have canceled service.

Sound Disposal, which collects in the Edmonds Bowl, provided pickup to commercial customers only Monday, said City of Edmonds Recycling Coordinator Steve Fisher.

“Snow and ice have by and large blocked their access to single- and multi-family customers so they typically try to get what’s been missed the next day if possible,” Fisher said. Customers can call Sound Disposal at 425-778-2404 or go to

Republic and Waste Management both said they had to cancel their collection services to all Monday customers on Feb. 11 due to the ice and snow conditions. Republic serves all Edmonds customers outside of the Bowl, while Waste Management provides service to about 120 homes in an area to the northwest and the south side of Lake Ballinger

Monday customers of Republic Services and Waste Management already missed service a week ago — Feb. 4 — due to snow. The company will pick up triple loads on the next scheduled pickup day — assuming no more weather events, that would be Monday, Feb. 18 — at no extra charge

Garbage and recycling service map for Edmonds

Recycling is a different story, though. For example, if your recycling was scheduled to be collected this week, and is on an every-other-week basis, the next pickup will be in two weeks.

To learn more about pickup schedules:

8 Replies to “No trash or recycling pickup Monday, Feb. 11 for Edmonds residents”

  1. Will customers see a reduction in their garbage collection bill since Republic didn’t have to pay employees or operate trucks for this two week period? Seems there should be a substantial reduction for this period of non-service.


  2. It’s inexcusable for Republic Waste to skip a third Monday pickup without extra runs this week to catch up. The City of Edmonds needs to correct this!


  3. Isn’t asking people to keep 3 weeks of garbage at their homes a health hazard? And what about people who have nowhere to keep it? I don’t understand why they didn’t do extra runs last week when the roads cleared up and they knew another storm was coming? I hope we all get a credit on our trash bill for having to keep bags of garbage around the house. I’m also hoping that in the next contract negotiations Edmonds makes sure that garbage companies do what they can to prevent this from happening again. If Sound Disposal can do extra runs, why couldn’t Republic (at least last week)? I’m just thankful I don’t have children in diapers!


  4. Last Tuesday, our garbage and recycle was not picked up in the Seaview area and the phone message said it will pick “both weeks” on Wednesday. I hope this happens. Yes, the hills are bad in many side areas – but at least they could try as some streets are sanded and can’t those trucks use chains?


    1. Hi Diane, Thanks for all you do with your council work. You reached out to the citizens early on with your town hall meetings before they the in thing to do. Thanks. In the past your point has been council sets policy and the administration implements those policies. One policy that council could establish is to review ALL franchise agreements and find a way to get public input into the process so we build franchise agreements that do more than just raise money with franchise fees. I worked on one of the “cable” companies franchise agreement a few years back and from what I know they are not complying with the agreement. Based on the comments above their are potential issues that could be solved by including added standards in a new agreement. Council could set the policy to have a complete review of these various agreements, craft public input, and then when the agreements are renewed they can be more reflective of what the citizens want and expect. The current weather issues are only some examples of the needs of our citizens.


  5. Republic is a ridiculously bad company, why the hell do they continue to get this contract without improvement from Edmonds? As customers, we can’t do anything as they screw us over unless the city acts.

    They are expensive and easily the least reliable service I have used including in cities which are much more difficult like Chicago.


  6. Quit your complaining. Would you want them to get in an accident and get severely injured or worse on the way to your neighborhood? There are more pressing matters to be concerned about, namely, the melting snow….


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