Update: Main Street reopened Tuesday afternoon after water main break


    Updated at 2 p.m.

    The City of Edmonds reopened Main Street Tuesday afternoon after a water main break that closed the street between 3rd and Sunset Avenues for several hours.

    The city says that the break occurred at 2nd Avenue, north of Main Street, around 8 a.m.

    The properties adjacent to the blue highlighted streets in the map above could have been affected by the water main that had to be shut down. City public works crews worked quickly to repair the main, which had significant damage, said the city’s Engineering Program Manager Jeanine McConnell. The water was back on by early afternoon.

    Due to the size of the main break, discolored water was widespread because of “the significant draw of water through the break point at the main, which stirred up existing sediments within the pipe,” she said. While the sediments are not harmful, they can make the water appear cloudy.

    According to McConnell, city main lines were flushed to clear out the sediments after repairs to the main were made. Property owners were advised they could flush systems internal to their home or business until they got clear water.

    3 Replies to “Update: Main Street reopened Tuesday afternoon after water main break”

    1. Guessing this explains why I have dirty water coming out of my lines this morning, even though I live up the hill???


    2. It would also be nice to know when we can expect to get our sidewalk back. It has been blocked off for ages on the north side between 3rd and Sunset.


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