Scene in Edmonds: The rare ‘Snow Crane’

The Edmonds Snow Crane.

“Once thought to be extinct, the famous and rare Edmonds ‘Snow Crane’ was caught in a photo by Michael Hovanes.”

So went the email sent along with this photo.

Turns out that the rare “Snow Crane” was a piece of yard art, with the resulting shapes created by hours of gusting wind earlier this week. “That’s how the snow fell,” Hovanes explained. “I stepped outside to check on things and saw the crane….standing there!”

Hovanes said he purchased the crane, made of twisted wire and nylon ropes and line tied in many knots of different sizes, at an estate sale last year in the Edmonds home of artist Carl Kishida.

The crane may be yard art, but with the added snow, “he never looked so good,” Hovanes said.


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  1. It is my understanding that this particular “Crane” has disappeared at times…glad to see him back and now a happy “Snow Crane”!


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