Sponsor spotlight: Edmonds Rotary Club begins major literacy project in The Gambia

Edmonds Rotary’s Beth Westenhaver-Kealy with supplies.

Edmonds Rotary is excited to be embarking on a major literacy project in The Gambia  —this is our most recent exciting Rotary International service project. What is the need we’re addressing? Currently, in the Central River Valley high school students are not able to complete their high school math and science lab work, which is a requirement for college admission. Few students are able to leave the valley for high school elsewhere.  For those that do leave, most are likely not going to return to the area after college. This leaves The Central River Valley depleted of qualified professionals, including doctors, nurses, veterinarians, technicians, etc.  Through our project we hope reverse this trend and keep these needed professionals in their homeland. 

The Edmonds Rotary discovery team will travel to Africa from Feb. 1 – 13. Our work will include scouting out a location for this lab. The team will meet with school officials, parents, teachers, students and community members to complete a needs assessment. Once this important piece of work is completed, the team will return to Edmonds and apply for a Rotary Global Grant.  We’ll be looking to partner with other area Rotary clubs and private companies in order to establish, staff, supply and sustain this important missing educational link for the district. 

Through the generous donations from our club members, we were able to fill the back of an SUV with backpacks and supplies for the primary school in Banni.

This is our gift of love for the children of Banni.  We hope you all find some way to show love to your community and world this month.  

In addition to this project, Edmonds Rotary supports Trinity Place, Kids in Transition and other local programs.  If you’d like to find out more about us, visit edmondsrotary.com or our Facebook page.  We meet at Salt and Iron the first three Tuesdays of the month at 11:30 and we welcome you.


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