And the Edmonds Gateway sign survey favorite is….


    The City of Edmonds has announced the results of its online and in-person Gateway Sign survey, and the top vote getter is a post and panel design by Edmonds designer Clayton Moss. A post and panel design by Edmonds artist Mack Benek came in second in the voting, the city said.

    In a Thursday announcement, the city said it received a combined total of 1,305 votes, cast online and in person at the Feb. 27 open house. A total of 90 percent of the respondents indicated they live or live and work in Edmonds. Citizens had the opportunity to rank five signs options, which included one by Benek, three by Moss and the existing wooden Welcome to Downtown Edmonds sign that has greeted motorists for four decades as they drive into downtown along Edmonds Way/State Route 104 — a gateway that many see as the city’s front door.

    The sign sits at the junction of SR 104 and 5th Avenue South in a triangle of grass controlled by the Washington State Department of Transportation but maintained by the City of Edmonds. It is a familiar and sentimental sight to visitors and residents alike, and some residents weren’t happy when the city began considering options for replacement.

    “The two signs that the public favor are both traditional post and panel applications,” the city said in a Thursday press release. The post and panel design by Clayton Moss garnered 576 first-choice votes and 338 second-choice votes, followed by the post and panel design by Mack Benek, with 381 first-choice votes and 280 second-choice votes.

    Moss’s traditional post and panel design features a background mural of Puget Sound and the Olympic peaks skyline by local muralist Andy Eccleshall, set off by a black rear panel to clearly separate it from the landscaping behind. The lettering would be cut from half-inch aluminum stepped forward to create shadows on the mural.

    The remaining three sign options — the first two by Moss and the last one the original sign — received the following percentage of the votes:

    “Through the efforts of the citizen advisory committee, I feel we were able to offer the public some very good choices of designs and opportunity to weigh in on those choices,” sad City Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Carrie Hite. “We evaluated the data based on first choice as well as first and second choice combined and the Moss Post and Panel is the sign that received the majority of interest from respondents.”

    The Gateway Sign Committee will be meeting within the next few weeks to review all comments and to determine what their final recommendation will be for Edmonds City Council, the city said.


    5 Replies to “And the Edmonds Gateway sign survey favorite is….”

    1. Perhaps I’m reading it wrong? Itlooks and sounds like we see the winner and the third/fourth/fifth place but not the second? Again, I could be reading it wrong… do we not get to see Benek’s?


    2. Isn’t this winning sign the one by local Edmonds artist Andy Eccleshall? I thought that was what I’d read in a previous article.


    3. Where are the visual elements that identify Edmonds: the downtown fountain, the ferry, the waterfront, perhaps the train, etc.? How did we end up with a sign that is so generic it could have been used anywhere in the Puget Sound region? Remove the word ‘Edmonds’ from it, and I don’t see how anyone would look at that artwork of the Olympic Mountains and think of Edmonds. Very disappointing.


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