Ask the Edmonds Cop: Rules for texting 911

Snohomish County 911 now accepts texts for emergency reporting. Dispatch supervisor Kim Crannell talks about the rules regarding texting and explains why making a voice call can be a better option in many cases.

2 Replies to “Ask the Edmonds Cop: Rules for texting 911”

  1. Thank you for sharing about this text-to-911 program since a lot of Snohomish County residents people are unaware about this. It’s also available in King County. On a separate note, it was a bit ironic to realize the video didn’t have subtitles because the text-to-911 program was established as an accessibility tool for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community (in addition to other situations like DV). I tried to watch it via YouTube by using the auto-generated English feature but it was a bit difficult to follow with some words being “off”. I understand this is probably an oversight; just wanted to bring this to your attention for future videos.


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