Commentary: Why it matters that we weigh in on the Edmonds gateway sign

As reported in My Edmonds News on Friday, a lively and engaged group of Edmonds’ citizens gathered in a room at the library recently to discuss and critique options for the Edmonds’ gateway sign. The designers’ introductions to the four quite different designs were terrific. I urge everyone to take a moment and weigh in on your choice for this sign.  Carrie Hite, Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, and the sign committee have done a wonderful job, allowing many Edmonds’ citizens to be involved and to help decide what this important sign will look like. In fact, after a groundswell of support for a fourth alternative not originally included in the choices, the committee is allowing us all to vote on this fourth one as well. This is the kind of public engagement that will make a difference in Edmonds.

I have made my choice.

This is Mack Benek’s design. It beautifully captures the spirit of Edmonds as the “little town by the sea” whereas the other signs portray Edmonds more as a big, progressive city. I believe the citizens here would like Edmonds to be thought of as that little town by the sea and I suspect that is what the business community wants as well.

What other reasons led me to choose this one? Well, first, it is beautiful.

Also, this is the sign that works best of all of the proposed signs with the creative nature of Edmonds, including our iconic murals. This sign best supports Edmonds being an “arts city”.

The graphics look rich and vivid and will be able to be seen clearly by passing motorists.  “EDMONDS” in a large font, carved and painted in gold looks elegant and the “DOWNTOWN” font and size could work well to delineate other districts.

It will be made of cedar, which is not only a symbol of the Pacific Northwest, but also will lend the sign a warmth and charm.

And, finally, we all remember driving down Main Street, seeing the Olympics in the distance as a beautiful green and white ferry boat glides into the slip. That is about as “Edmonds” as Edmonds gets.

I ruled out several of the other signs as being a bit sterile and looking more like advertising signs in large cities.

There is a link at the bottom of the My Edmonds News story, “Welcome to Edmonds sign- narrowing the choices, that will get you to the survey. Please weigh in!

— By Lynne Chelius



2 Replies to “Commentary: Why it matters that we weigh in on the Edmonds gateway sign”

  1. While reading this morning’s My Edmonds News, I see that Edmonds has been highlighted in Trivago Magazine’s collection of “8 wonderful weekend getaways in Washington State.” It mentions the waterfront, the ferry and the panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains. All of this is true about Edmonds. However, we are also a collection of museums, the Arts, beautiful parks, history, wonderful restaurants, so much more than “Downtown”. “Welcome to Edmonds” should encompass all of us. Please consider Mack’s sign with perhaps “Est. 1876” instead of “Downtown”, reflecting our history.


  2. Mack’s beautiful sign represents Edmonds perfectly.
    Thanks to Carrie Hite of the City for leading an inclusive process on this issue.


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