David Preston to run for re-election to Edmonds Port Commission seat

David Preston

Port of Edmonds Commissioner David Preston announced Sunday he is running for re-election to his District 2 seat.

“I am excited about the progress the port has made over the past decade and look forward to helping keep the port’s strong economic and environmental momentum going,” Preston said in an announcement.

Preston said he is proud of the benefits that the port brings “to our vibrant Edmonds/Woodway community. Our mission is to provide economic opportunity and promote tourism in an environmentally responsible manner. To that end, we maintain commercial buildings and an award-winning marina that bring in substantial public revenue and provides the base for hundreds of jobs.”

His priorities include improving stormwater quality before it discharges from port property into Puget Sound and the Edmonds Marsh, as well as enhancing waterfront tourism opportunities. “Look for an updated promenade, or what we call the Port-Walk,” Preston said. “The port has added new parking to provide better public access and will be looking at ways to add more.”

Preston pointed to several accomplishments during his tenure, including efforts to bring back the Sea Scouts program, which trains young people in boating and safety skills, and   establishing the Sea Jazz summer program at the port’s central plaza, which showcases young musicians.

Preston said that making public policy “requires coming to the table with an open mind and commitment to listen while working with others to address real problems,” and he invites residents to share their ideas with him over coffee. “We can balance the tried and true with some new and improved ideas,” he said. “You have ideas also, and I want to hear them.”

Preston has lived in Edmonds since 1966, and he and his wife Tammy are raising their family here. He has coached Pacific Little League Baseball and for the past 12 years has been the Ski School Director at Leavenworth Winter Sports Club.

You can learn more at www.prestonforport.com.


14 Replies to “David Preston to run for re-election to Edmonds Port Commission seat”

  1. The Port continues to be a viable and solid partner with the City because of it’s leadership. I am confident that Mr.Preston will continue to add value because of his “open mind and commitment to listen while working with others to address real problems.”


  2. Glad to see David Preston running for re-election. Mr. Preston’s approach is exactly what Edmond’s needs at the Port — someone who listens and makes informed decisions!


  3. I’ve been impressed with David and his work on the Port Commission, he is always thoughtful and respectful. The Port is doing a great job with transportation and City events, I’d be glad to vote for him again.


  4. This is great news that David is running again. Optimizing the economic viability along with the environmental health of the port is no easy task; niether is facilitating the revitalization of the Sea Scouts. We need the continuty of his leadership.


  5. I’ve used the Edmongs Port dry storage facility for years in two of it’s formats. Not one bad experience, ever! Great management, at all levels in that department from my experience. I live in the Port District and support it enthusiastically. Haven’t studied candidates yet, but suspect David has my vote.


  6. The Port is very well managed and is a true asset to our community. David is a key part of that management team and I’m pleased he is willing to continue to provide strong leadership as a Commissioner. Congratulations on your decision, David!


  7. Encouraged that Mr Preston willing to continue , appreciate his ability to invite community input , and address with energetic , thoughtful consideration


  8. It’s easy to join this list of endorsements for Dave Preston who brings a sense of responsibility and commitment to the Port. Our community is well served by his good work and I am more than pleased he is running for re-election.


  9. David, I’m so glad to see you’re willing to run for re-election. Edmonds and the Port need you. Let me know how I can help with your campaign.


  10. David is an outstanding Port commissioner. He is an energetic, collaborative, and thoughtful leader who is dedicated to the Port and the Edmonds/Woodway community.

    The Port is in excellent financial shape, is an environmental leader, and arguably boasts the best marina in the Northwest, if not the West Coast. The Port is a vibrant economic engine that supports hundreds of jobs and is an integral part of the Edmonds waterfront, which attracts thousands of residents and tourists to Edmonds every year.

    David has been instrumental in all of these successes.

    It has been an an absolute pleasure to have served on the commission with David over the past three years.

    He deserves to be reelected.


  11. I met David years ago attending Washington Public Ports conferences. David impressed me with his thoughtful opinions and commitment to his community over popular trends. Glad to see him commit to another term sharing his perspective.
    Curt Gordon Commissioner Port of South Whidbey


  12. David is easy to support because of his approach to problem solving. He is fact driven in his solutions and will continue to represent us well on the Port.


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