Edmonds CC employees honored for advancing student success

Dennis Denman, Center for Student Engagement and Leadership associate director (Photos courtesy Edmonds CC)

Two Edmonds Community College employees were recently recognized for their exemplary efforts in championing and advancing student success.

Dennis Denman is the associate director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership and was recently awarded the 2018 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Region V Community College Professional award.

“It means the world to me to be recognized by NASPA and Region V,” Denman said. “I have grown personally and professionally within the association, and it’s where I learned how this wonderful world of Student Affairs works.”

The award recognizes those who contribute to creating a campus environment that promotes student learning and personal development; and outstanding individual contributions in innovative and responsive services and programs that address the varied and emerging needs of students.

In his current role, Denman oversees student activities, student clubs, and leadership and diversity programs. He is a devoted advocate for students and works with them to complete their educational goals at Edmonds CC and graduate.

Michelle Platt, outreach and recruitment manager

Michelle Platt is the college’s Outreach and Recruitment manager and was recently awarded the Washington ACT Postsecondary Champion award.

“Providing access to education for all is something I am very passionate about,” Platt said. “It is an honor to be nominated by ACT, especially when the work itself is so rewarding.”

The award recognizes those who assist students in navigating their educational and career journey. Recipients work in recruitment, advising, education, retention, financial aid, placement, and other student services areas and are awarded for making a difference for learners at their college or university.

As the Outreach and Recruitment manager, Platt oversees a team that attends college and career fairs and community events to engage with prospective students, from junior high and high school students to adults, and encourage them to pursue their higher education goals. She also facilitates the Acing College program, which is designed to assist in eliminating barriers to education for marginalized populations.

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