Edmonds scenics: More moon, sun and bird photos


Photographer Dave Govan’s spectacular shots taken along the Edmonds waterfront Wednesday, March 20.

10 Replies to “Edmonds scenics: More moon, sun and bird photos”

  1. I opened this link to the perfectly centered moon reflecting on the sound and said out loud: WOW! FYI there was no one to hear this but I was so struck by this perfect photo it just popped out. The other moon shots are lovely and enjoyed the bird photos too. MEN regularly including photos of our area is one of my favorite features so thanks for including these.


  2. I m trying to decide whether you are looking East or West. I assume it is
    East, with the rising moon. That means that you were out in the water somehow. They are all gorgeous shots.


    1. Hi Ed: Photos were take looking west, over the Olympics. The moon was setting while the sunrise was behind me toward the east.


  3. What magnificent photos, Dave. Thank you for sharing them. We live in a truly special place. Like Samantha said…WOW!


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