Gov. Inslee tours Edmonds CC engineering labs

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee made an appearance at Edmonds Community College on Friday, March 22 to see the work of the engineering and engineering technology students. 

Edmonds CC offers both engineering and engineering technology degrees. Students who study engineering can earn an associates degree, which can be used to transfer to a four-year university. The engineering technology program is a two-year degree that allows students to transition straight into the workforce after graduation.

“The two-year technical degrees are there to get students ready for jobs and show there are other paths through college other than just the four-year degree,” said Edmonds CC Communication Specialist Laura Daniali.

As Inslee toured the labs in Monroe Hall, he had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the projects from current and former Edmonds CC students.

Beginning in the composites lab, students presented their work with carbon-fiber composites and the college’s filament winder, which can be used to make tubes for rocketry. The Edmonds CC Rocketry Club presented the different levels of rockets and what the students have learned through success and failures.

A second-term governor who recently announced he is running for president, Inslee had the opportunity to operate the college’s wind tunnel, which helps determine how an aircraft will fly. Students also presented their work with robotics, laser cutting and 3D printing. He praised the work of the students who will join the growing field of engineering after they graduate.

“It’s great to see a rapid response to the demand, it’s really encouraging,” Inslee said.

–Story and photos by Cody Sexton

8 Replies to “Gov. Inslee tours Edmonds CC engineering labs”

    1. Yes Joy, I too am grabbing..wallets to support those students who want to benefit from this educational opportunity, right on!


  1. These programs are doing a great job of preparing kids for good jobs. A good job will go along way to income levels that will keep these folks in housing and be an active member of society.


  2. I’m all for the 2 year technical degrees..who isn’t? But Inslee won’t be. Why is he even coming? I’ll wager with a TEAM of photographers will be traveling with ops…A normal person running for president steps Down so we the people don’t have to pay for his journeys. He’s all about photo ops. It takes away from the school and becomes a Inslee. Everyone knows he won’t even be close to getting elected. To presidency. What’s he’s really doing is showing other liberals he’s interviewing for a job. More exposure…he will be noted for one thing…the terrible homeless problem we have in this state.
    That’s why I said grab your wallet. School jobs Fabulous, Inslee not qualified.


      1. I really do not care what is customary in these situations, but I do care that the taxpayers of Washington State are being ripped off by Inslee. He or his party should endure this expense. Furthermore, he should do the right thing and resign as we essentially are without a governor.


  3. Democrat or Republican candidate the taxpayers should not be on the hook to pay for an absentee Governor political campaign for President. If they can’t pay for it themselves they should not run period. Additionally, if the Governor is absent his salary should go to the Lieutenant Governor who functions in his absence. Not additional taxpayer funds to pay the LG. Wouldn’t we all like to be paid for work we don’t do. What makes this any different? This system is completely contrary to how we work in the private sector.


  4. In the words of 3 practices ” I would be curious to know how Gov. Inslee can justify how this is a good thing for WA taxpayers.”


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