Letter to the editor: Emergency shelter still getting people out of cold


To the Editor,

Tuesday’s City Council meeting included a report on homelessness in Edmonds that was thoughtful, thorough and enlightening. There were also comments about the recent lack of an emergency cold weather shelter. But We All Belong, the volunteer organization that has been providing those services, has not gone away. It has, however, faced enormous challenges.

The unbelievable work of Mark and Sue Waldin, the program organizers and leads, who have been finding people, places, partners, and permits for more than 10 years, the generosity of the partners (including the Edmonds Senior Center and now Maple Park Church), and the dedication of the more than 100 volunteers, demonstrate that there are many good-hearted people in our community who are happy to shop, cook, serve, clean, haul, talk and stay up all night to get people out of the cold.

I hope all of us can find ways to support these efforts, find ways to help get people in need to the shelter, and work with neighbors. It really doesn’t matter where Edmonds ends and Lynnwood begins. It’s cold all over.

Susan Kostick

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  1. Thank you for this information and all your volunteer work with this amazing organization, Susan!

    The Waldin’s have done outstanding work in our region, and I hope more people will choose to partner with We All Belong and help our fellow neighbors in need, because let’s face it, homelessness can happen to ANYBODY at any time, and NOBODY is immune! It only takes 1 incident to put people into a crisis, and as the report revealed, far too many of our residents are already cost burdened!
    Having a warm, safe place to lay your head down at night and rest your body should not be optional, and I’m extremely grateful for the compassion of all the volunteers keeping this wonderful organization going, and hope others will step up to ease the load and fill in the gaps. Perhaps the Senior Center could reopen for the month since the remodel hasn’t happened as predicted? Freezing temperatures and extreme snow makes trying to survive the night that much more challenging for anyone.


  2. Thank you Mindy – a good response to a wonderful letter. And there are many qualified and dedicated people helping the homeless – many volunteers.

    However I believe the city is the people and the city should make it a priority to find and help facilitate safe housing for all their citizens.

    I believe you feel the same.


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