Update on Waterfront Center fundraising during city council finance committee meeting Tuesday


    The Edmonds City Council’s Finance Committee is scheduled to receive an update Tuesday, March 12 on the progress of fundraising for the Edmonds Waterfront Center — which will replace the existing Senior Center on the Edmonds waterfront.

    The report is part of the council committee meetings night starting at 7 p.m. in the Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N., Edmonds. The meetings will be preceded by a 6:20 p.m. executive session on pending or potential litigation and real estate, closed to the public.

    The senior center, through its capital campaign, has been fundraising in earnest for the past year, since learning that the center’s construction target of $10 million skyrocketed to $16 million due to the region’s extremely hot construction market.

    According to council agenda memo documents to be shared with the finance committee Tuesday night, the senior center campaign is still $3.5 million short of that $16 million. Finance committee members will hear the plan from officials to acquire the remaining dollars.

    The city leases the current building to the senior center, and has already agreed to amend the city’s lease so that the city covers all costs — estimated at $900,000 — for Waterfront Center parking lot and frontage improvements.

    Under the lease agreement, the council could withhold consent for the Waterfront Center project if it determined that funding was insufficient or if the council wasn’t confident that the $16 million goal could be reached.

    City Council committee meetings are work sessions open to the public, although no public comment is taken. The three committees meet concurrently in separate rooms on the same evening, as indicated below.

    Parks and Public Works Committee (Council Chamber)
    – Arts Festival and Market Event Contracts
    – Interlocal agreement with the Verdant Health Commission for outdoor fitness zones at Mathay Ballinger and Civic Field parks.

    – Amendment to a professional services agreement for waterfront landscaping and frontage improvements.

    – Presentation of a supplemental agreement with Murraysmith for the Five Corners Reservoir Project.
    – Report on bids for the following: 1) a retaining wall to replace a failing rockery wall at 89th Place West; 2) the 238th Street Southwest island improvements and pedestrian curb ramp barrier removals project; and 3) the Dayton Street utility replacement project.

    Finance Committee (Jury Meeting Room)
    – November, December, and January monthly/quarterly financial reports
    – November 2018 monthly financial report
    – Fund balance/reserve policy discussion
    – New Budget In Brief
    – Parks impact fee annual financial report
    – Waterfront Center financial update

    Public Safety, Personnel and Planning Committee (Police Training Room)
    – Urban Forester Job Description approval

    You can see the complete committee meeting agendas here.

    2 Replies to “Update on Waterfront Center fundraising during city council finance committee meeting Tuesday”

    1. I met with Daniel and Farrell and this project is so worth every bit of funding. It will be a hub for multi-generational activities – a place for learning, social gatherings and healing. It will bring young and older individuals together. I’m excited about a commitment to establish a health and wellness area for Veterans and their families. This project certainly has my stamp of approval.


    2. Do committee meetings have to be held in city buildings? If not, it would be great them occasionally held in different parts of the Edmonds community, since there will only be audio recordings.


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