Community Corner: Tales of a Tavern

The following was written recently by longtime Edmonds residents Cliff Ruthrauff, and offered as “a light-hearted poem for the ‘old timers.'” Ruthrauff is a retired Navy commander who is a regular at Rory’s.

Tales of a Tavern

Just an offering for the fans of Rory’s Pub.

(Someone has too much time on his hands).

Oh well…


A bunch of “Old Farts” were tipping their brew, at the Edmonds, Rory’s, Pub.

Out on the floor, and spreadin’ the love, were the “charmers”, serving the grub.

In back of the bar, and running the show, was Kelli, who never got tired.

She was pouring the drinks and pulling the suds and kickin’ ass, when required.


Now, Rory’s Pub was once The Sail Inn, and Dorothy did preside.

If you wanted some food, you paid up front, while your spuds and your burger fried.

T’was a one woman show, but what the heck, the clients were very few.

If you had a complaint, you got kicked out, (Sail Inn was not for you.)


Then Rick and Julie came along, but the simple charm remained.

The food was good, and the roof still leaked, but only when it rained.

The plumbing was broke in the gentlemen’s room, and the urinal was not very nice.

And the favorite sport of the patron guys, was to see who could melt the most ice.


The pool table left and the service improved and Rory’s got its new name.

So more people came to enjoy the place, but you always could park, just the same.

And plans were made to expand the joint, the ideas were rather grand.

Until the city planners stepped in, those guys, should really be banned.


So once again, the ownership changed, and more improvements were made.

The patrons increased with a mighty surge of an endless human parade.

And the noise got loud and the people would shout to be heard above the din

And the more they would shout, the louder it got, like our hangout never had been.


Now this is where we are today, and management should really be proud.

As success, in the case of the restaurant trade, depends on the size of the crowd.

You’ve got to be happy for owners and staff, and the way they created this clout.

But I can’t help recalling more peaceful times, and the time Dorothy kicked my ass out.

“Old Fart Cliff”


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  1. Cliff, Dorothy sometimes would decide the kitchen was not open if she did not feel like cooking. Clint, you need to get spell check. (:


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