Earth Day Volunteers pitch in and pull at Edmonds City Park


More than 30 eager volunteers showed up at Edmonds’ City Park on Saturday morning to celebrate Earth Day by helping remove the invasive English ivy that’s been taking over many areas of the park.

“English ivy grows like crazy around here,” said City Horticulturalist Jesse Curran. “It was purposely introduced in years following World War I by many gardeners who wanted something that would be low-maintenance and cover an area fast. It really thrives in our climate, and unfortunately has escaped into our parks and other areas, where it chokes out many of our native plants. We’ll probably never beat it, but with help like we’re getting today we hope to at least keep it under control.”


After the designated area was cleared, volunteers spread 20 yards of shredded bark to keep more invasive plants from seeding in and taking root.

In addition to citizen volunteers, groups from Boy Scout Troop 49, Cub Scout Pack 59, REI Alderwood Mall and Earth Corps joined in to help.

— Story and photos by Larry Vogel

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  1. Great article, Larry! Actually there ended up being more than 40 volunteers for the City of Edmonds P&R and Citizens’ Tree Board sponsored Ivy Pull event. Nine truckloads or more than 40 yards of debris was removed and 20 yards of mulch was applied in the “ivy-free” area. It was a great event and thank you all for volunteering to help remove evasion plants in our parks.


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