Edmonds man wins $52K a year for life in lottery scratch game

An Edmonds resident is celebrating a $52,000 per year for life lottery win after playing “Lucky For Life” Scratch game, the Washington’s Lottery said in an announcement Monday. He purchased the winning ticket at the Westgate QFC at 22828 100th Ave. W.

The winner is a regular Scratch player but this is his first big win, the announcement said. “I gave the ticket to my wife to scratch because she likes to scratch them off for me. She stopped, said ‘will you read this, am I reading this right?’ and I said ‘we better go back to QFC to check this on a machine.’”

The winner, who has requested anonymity, plans to use part of his winnings on a road trip with his wife across America.

Proceeds from Washington’s Lottery benefit the Washington Opportunity Pathways Account, providing grants to college students statewide.

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  1. I walk by that lottery machine at least three days a week. Guess you gotta play to win. Congratulations to them.


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