Edmonds police release sketch, ask for help identifying Yost Park John Doe

Edmonds police released this forensic sketch by artist Natalie Murry.

Edmonds police have released a new forensic sketch of the as-yet-unidentified man found dead in Yost Park last fall. They hope that the sketch will help provide new leads in determining his identity.

The body was found last Nov. 10 by a couple out for a walk in Yost Park. The man had a campsite in the park and had apparently been living there for some time. Police describe him as a white male, somewhere between 40 and 60 years old. The Snohomish County Medical Examiner determined the cause of death to be strangulation, and the manner of death a suicide.

Image from a neighbor’s surveillance camera taken Sept. 30 of a person matching the deceased’s description pushing a bicycle matching the one found at the deceased’s campsite in Yost Park.

“He appeared to have been deceased for two to four weeks prior to being discovered,” said Edmonds PD spokesperson Sgt. Shane Hawley. “We initially put out some photos of the campsite and his unique clothing items, in addition to his bicycle.”

These photos produced a lead from a nearby resident who had captured home security video of a person matching the deceased’s description pushing a bicycle on Sept. 30.  “This gave us a better view, but not really enough for much of a positive ID,” added Hawley.

The sketch was done by forensic artist Natalie Murry. Forensic artists use an array of evidence including personal descriptions, skeletal remains, crime scene evidence and more to create a composite sketch of deceased persons. More information about forensic art is available here.

“We are hoping that the sketch will help someone identify him, or least point us in a direction that would lead us to identify him,” Hawley said. “We would like to figure out who he is and notify any family he might have.”

If you can help, contact the Edmonds Police Department at 425-771-0200.

— By Larry Vogel


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  1. The Maplewood Presbyterian church on 196th and 84th Ave W feeds neighbors every Friday night. With a bike, it’s possible he went there for meals.


  2. The Edmonds food bank at United Methodist church also has a food bank. In another article it mentioned he had a couple cans of food on him. I would suggest the police take the pictures there and ask the volunteers if they possibly recognize him. Also maybe the food bank can post that picture there and see if any of the people who go to the food bank recognized him also. There are other homeless man and women that go there and it’s possible they might know him. The cold weather shelter is another idea.I hope they can identify him, so very sad


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