Egg Hunt, Part 2: Edmonds Lutheran Church hosts 23rd year of community tradition

Hundreds of families gathered Saturday morning for an all-out Easter celebration marked with hundreds of multi-colored eggs littering the grass at Edmonds Lutheran Church. The day marked the 23rd year the church put on this annual tradition on for the community.

After the Church Pastor Tim Oleson assured egg hunters there were more than enough eggs in the field for everyone and encouraged everyone to have fun, the Shoreline Fire Department sounded their engine siren. Then came the patter of little feet and shouts of joy from the children who ran after the eggs tucked away in the grass. The church also offered a dessert spread inside the building and tables where the children could open their plastic eggs and find the sweet treasures inside.

Children’s faces lit up with delight as they saw the Easter bunny had also joined the joyous occasion for photo opportunities outside of the church.

Encouraging recycling and reusing, Edmonds Lutheran Church leaders and volunteers had also set up a folding table outside of the church that was filled to the brim with stuffed animals and toys. Children who turned in their plastic eggs to the volunteers received one of the colorful prizes. The volunteers will later take the buckets of eggs and then wash and reuse them for next years’ hunt, reducing not only the cost to the church but also reducing the effect the plastic will have on the environment.

This year, the event was organized by church member Suzy Baroud, who was also collecting funds to support the Special Olympics. 

— Story and photos by Ariana Burr

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