Scene in Edmonds: Make way for the ducklings

Marcie Kretzler, owner of Gallaghers’ Where-U-Brew, sent us photos of a mother duck and her 14 babies Saturday who “had their own security detail from the ferry dock all the way to Edmonds Marsh behind us at Gallaghers.”
According to Kretzler, City of Edmonds Animal Control Officer Jessica Gilginas made sure mom and ducklings made it safely to the marsh, carefully halting traffic for the brood.

“Spring is here, so I hope everyone’s careful driving around this area with all the water we have that harbors our wildlife. I know I’ve stopped more than once to let the ducklings cross Sunset,” Kretzler said.

3 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: Make way for the ducklings”

  1. Thank you Officer Jessica for doing “duckling patrol” and Marcie for taking pictures to share with us. Edmonds Marsh shelters so many wildlife creatures, and now, it has even more. Spring is definitely in the air.


  2. It reminds us that we need to make room for other creatures. I am humbled by this. And glad that this officer gave them safe passage. Where I grew up, herds of cows or sheep often clogged the country roads, but nobody ever complained about it.


  3. Three cheers for Officer Jessica Gilginas. She came to rescue three little ducklings from this same brood with the same mother. These three little guys had fallen into a storm drain and mama duck was very upset. Officer Jessica to the rescue. She plucked them out of the storm drain and returned them to momma!


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