Scene in Edmonds: Marsh birds


From photographer Bill Ray, an assortment of birds spotted during a Saturday morning walk along the Edmonds Marsh.

“The golden-crowned sparrow was inside a tangled bush next to the walkway but willing to wait while I moved around to find a peek at him,” Ray said. “A handful of red-winged blackbirds were declaring territory to each other. The black-capped chickadees in small flocks are just plain cute.

“To see more of the birds, be still for 10 minutes plus,” Ray advises. “They go quiet as you walk up but will resume being active around you in a bit.”

3 Replies to “Scene in Edmonds: Marsh birds”

  1. great shots. What times is best to photograph the birds at the Marsh. I’ve been out too early and never saw or heard anything.


    1. Thanks Singer. I was there about 10 am this time, walking the west end back east past the tennis courts. The time of day seems less an issue then the “being quiet” part. As you walk you will notice some birds on the grassy areas who quickly move into the bushes. If I stop and wait for a bit the birds come back. No need to be perfectly still, just stand or sit in one place, like across from the blackberries. The chickadees fly through the trees in small flocks. The blackbirds of course are out hanging on the cattails so they do no care about walkers.


  2. I like to think of my photography as a Mindful Meditation. It helps me get in synch with wildlife, and I believe they sense it as non-threatening.

    Enjoy the birds!



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