Scene in Edmonds: That mannequin is alive!


Friday afternoon, passersby at Fifth and Main stopping to admire the Easter window display at Sound Styles were shocked when one of the mannequins looked up and came to life right before their eyes.

No, it’s not an illusion, but just one more expression of Sound Styles window dresser Shelly Simmons’ bounding creativity and artistic style. Known for her multi-textured approach utilizing a wide range of fabrics, patterns and other materials in her window and in-store displays, Simmons has built a well-earned reputation for eye-catching and visually rich designs at Sound Styles.

But adding the human element is something new.

“I started becoming part of the window display this past Halloween,” she said. “It was sort of by accident at first. I was in the window arranging and adding the display materials, folks began stopping and looking in as if I were part of the display. So, I just ran with it. People loved it, so I’m doing it again for Easter.”

Dressed to blend in with the tableau, you’d be forgiven for just walking by and not noticing that one of the mannequins looks just a little too real.

“When folks stop to look in the window, I start to move,” she says.  “I just love the look of surprise on their faces!”

Simmons plans to be back in the window again on Saturday from noon till 2 p.m.

— Story and photos by Larry Vogel

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  1. So admire the Sound Style artsy and clever and fun..l always wait for the next ones..


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