Welcome spring with April 18 Edmonds Artwalk

This month’s featured Artwalk art show is Art For All: Empowering Artists with Disabilities
ARTspot, 408 Main St.

Now that springtime has arrived in Edmonds, the art season is gearing up. Come out to see some fabulous art shows at this Thursday’s Art Walk. More than 22 locations will have their doors open to welcome you in to visit with inspiring artists and enjoy some toe-tapping live music.

A plethora of art from all categories awaits you. Get a sneak peek at the Sculptor’s Workshop bi-annual show at the Frances Anderson Center (700 Main St). Love poetry? Edmonds Bookshop (111 5th Ave. S.) is honoring National Poetry Month with five poets, hosted by David D. Horowitz. How about playable art? Artist Bob Rau at Windermere Real Estate ( 210 5th Ave. S.) will be showcasing his handmade stringed instruments. Truly unique photography and hand-painted gourds by artist Ann Dreyer will be at Seattle Sugar Spa (128 4th Ave. S.).

In addition, Salt & Iron (321 Main St.) is featuring paintings by Laura Burkhart. At Salish Crossing, you’ll want to stop in both The Workshop (172 Sunset Ave,) for art by Lena Leitzke and Stranded by the Sea (176 Sunset Ave,) for watercolor texture techniques demonstrations by Mary Huether.

A very special Featured Art Show is in store for you at ARTspot (408 Main St,) this month. Art For All: Artists with Disabilities will be on hand to showcase some of their creations for a temporary installation in honor of a former student and Edmonds resident Emily Locke. You are invited to paint a Peace Pole with them at Thursday’s Art Walk, then help install the Peace Pole and garden at the future site of Graphite (202 Main St,) on April 20.

You can download the complete ArtWalk map here.

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