Edmonds Police Blotter: May 7-14, 2019

May 7

1000 block B Ave. S. Multiple fraudulent charges on credit card reported

400 block 3rd Avenue South: A mother in California visiting father of child alleges father and his family are keeping son from her.

9800 block Edmonds Way: Two juveniles were taken into custody for shoplifting from business and assaulting an employee.

22900 block 76th Avenue West: Vehicle prowl reported, with items take from vehicle.

800 block Main St.: A traffic stop led to a DUI arrest.

May 8

24200 block Edmonds Way: A woman reported she was grabbed around the neck by her boyfriend.

300 block Howell Way: A vehicle prowl was reported, with broken window used to gain entry.

23800 block 76th Avenue West: Driver of vehicle that rear ended a vehicle was on scene, but claimed he was not involved in any way. Nobody witnessed him driving at the time. Driver later called and admitted he was driving and apologized. He was cited for hit and run and driving with a suspended license.

22100 block Highway 99: A rear license plate was stolen overnight from a Doug’s Lynnwood Mazda work van.

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: Rear window of a vehicle was broken.

21900 block Highway 99: Theft from a store occurred. Suspect was cited.

100 block West Dayton Street: Vehicle prowl reported.

100 block West Dayton Street: A man had his wallet stolen.

May 9

21600 block 76th Avenue West: A patient assaulted a hospital medical tech and security. Patient also damaged hospital property. Suspect was held involuntary for mental health evaluation.

8400 block 244th Street Southwest: Two men committed a dine-and-dash from a restaurant.

22000 block Highway 99: Commercial burglary occurred overnight at a fenced-in construction site. The chain link fence was cut for entry and a portable area light was stolen.

7800 block 242nd Street Southwest: A locked mailbox was damaged. Unknown if mail was taken.

7400 block 212th Street Southwest: Staff requested that officers check the welfare of a past patient.

21900 block Highway 99: A man was booked for driving with a suspended license and making false statements.

8500 block 240th Street Southwest: Suspect was booked for violating a no-contact order.

21600 block 76th Avenue West: Someone stole items out of a vehicle after breaking front door locks.

May 10

23500 block Edmonds Way: Suspect was arrested for fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

22600 block 98th Avenue West: Report of a suspicious person led to pickup of a juvenile runaway.

22000 block 93rd Place West: A mother and daughter got into an argument over grandmother with Alzheimer’s.

21900 block Highway 99: A woman was arrested for shoplifting from a local business and possessing illegal narcotics.

May 11

21600 block 76th Avenue West: A man stole a wall phone from the hospital and was booked for theft and misdemeanor warrant.

700 block Edmonds Way: Police received a report of sexual assault at a memory care facility.

7200 block 220th Street Southwest: A license plate was stolen from a trailer.

100 block 12th Avenue North: Suspect was arrested and booked into Snohomish County Jail for fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

May 12

19900 block 76th Avenue West: Police responded to a verbal argument between girlfriend and boyfriend.

7600 block Lake Ballinger Way: Police found a shoplift suspect after the suspect refused to stop and resisted arrested.

21900 block Highway 99: Suspect was booked into county jail after he committed the second dine and dash in a two-hour period of time.

22300 block 76th Avenue West: Police received a report of a burglary at a landscaping business.

May 13

9500 block 234th Street Southwest: Items were stolen from a parked car at a residence.

23600 block Highway 99: Police received a report of a stolen bag containing personal property.

19100 block Olympic View Drive: Police responded to a verbal domestic dispute.

22800 block 100th Avenue West: A suspicious vehicle led to a felony warrant arrest.

May 14

23100 block 99th Avenue West: A dog got loose and injured a neighbor’s dog.

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