Letter to the editor: The new Housing Commission selection process


Our City Council has listened to the people and is seating a new Housing Commission. It is my hope that the council is also listening to the people of Edmonds when they say they want a commission that is fairly comprised of citizens with a variety of views about what growth and development in Edmonds should look like in the future. The council should recognize and respect citizens’ desire to have a say in housing policy as a contributing part of a commission and not via contentious “open houses” after the fact. Let all ideas, opinions, and possible solutions be heard!

It is also very important, if the citizenry is to have faith in this new commission, that its members not have served on any other board, commission, or office for two years. One of the complaints heard from many fronts is the same set of people serve over and over on boards and commissions. New voices are needed!

I urge my fellow citizens to apply for this new citizens’ commission. If we are to have any influence over how Edmonds will look and if it is to remain “the little city by the sea,” we must get involved now.

To apply: Go to the www.edmondswa.gov and scroll down through the “What’s New” list to “Applications for the Citizens’ Housing Commission Available.” Click on the link www.citizenshousingcommission.org, where one will find an application link at the top of the page. One can also pick up a hard copy of this application in the Development Services office on the 2nd floor of city hall. Either way, please consider participating and help make Edmonds “The City That Did Growth Right.”

Lynne Chelius

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  1. It would be helpful to learn that community membership on a board would provide meaningful participation. Their input would have recognition, not just a token position. It would require that being `for’ or `against’ how housing solutions will be addressed, is more than personal bias. There are all kinds of `stakeholders’ in community development. All Edmonds community members whom believe that their city needs more `public input’ should apply. Young and old, go forth to make Edmonds the best town/city it can be.
    R. Warren


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