‘Mindfulness through the Lens’ class May 18 in Edmonds

Edmonds photographer Diana Scheel is offering a series of three “Mindfulness through the Lens” classes in May and June. Classes are aimed at learning how to “use your camera as a tool to quiet the busy mind by focusing on the beauty of the present moment from an entirely new perspective.”
The first class, on Saturday, May 18, is an extra-low tide beach exploration at Brackett’s Landing North and South from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Expect to see colorful starfish, anemones and other sea life exposed by the rare, extra-low tide while you learn meditative and mindfulness tools you can use in your photography and daily life
The class is accessible to all levels of photographer, even those who rarely take photos, and cell phone cameras are encouraged.
Learn more about this and the other classes — on June 1 and 15 — at this link.

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