Third candidate enters race for Edmonds mayor: City Planner Brad Shipley

Brad Shipley

City of Edmonds Planner Brad Shipley is running for mayor.

The 41-year-old Shipley — a resident of Edmonds’ Lake Ballinger neighborhood — started working for the city in 2014 on long-range planning projects. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington’s College of Built Environments in Community, Environment, and Planning with an emphasis on urban design.

His wife is a teacher at Chase Lake Elementary and the couple has two children.

A 12-year Edmonds resident, Shipley is the third candidate to enter the mayor’s race. He will face two current Edmonds City Councilmembers — Neil Tibbott and Mike Nelson — who have already announced for the position. Now that Shipley is in the race, there will be a primary election for mayor in August, to narrow the field to two for the general election.

We’ll provide more details on Shipley’s candidacy and his goals as mayor when he sends out his formal campaign announcement.


2 Replies to “Third candidate enters race for Edmonds mayor: City Planner Brad Shipley”

  1. Well done Brad Shipley! Looking forward to hearing your ideas for the future of our town.


  2. This sounds good so far…
    “As mayor, Shipley said he has four goals as mayor:
    – improve efficiency of city operations by reducing redundancies and breaking down the operational silos of government
    – make sure city decisions today do not burden future generations, environmentally or financially
    – build upon “what already makes this city a great place to live–our historic character and vibrant, walkable downtown”
    – work to facilitate better communication between government and citizens. ”

    I personally know three people who are moving out of Edmonds because of recent shifts in the city culture and direction. People have been moving to Edmonds from Seattle the last ten years for the same reason and those same people are saddened to see our city becoming more like Seattle.

    Seattle collects all the tax revenue from businesses in our region and can pay for the social service and housing projects I am beginning to see our current city government inviting in. We are not a major metropolitan city and we do not have the responsibilities of major social services. We are small town and we need a small town government.

    We don’t need a pride parade, we don’t need a straight parade, and we just need a good old traditional Fourth of July parade. Unfortunately the current city government is in the business forming commissions and groups that are causing division in our city. All this costs money and then I walk by the city hall and I see a donation bin for the fourth of July celebration and I have to ask, “Ummm have we forgot about the majority of our citizen’s needs? And what is the focus here?” Our city council and mayor were not like this four years ago.

    Edmonds doesn’t have a lot of businesses. We are dependent on property taxes to run our city. We need a hometown city government focused on keeping the services are citizens need and the traditions alive that make our city so wonderful.

    I hope Brad proves to be a better option for our residents. It sounds like it so far.


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