Ask the Edmonds Cop: Rules about dogs on Edmonds beaches


Thinking about bringing your dog to an Edmonds beach? City of Edmonds Animal Control Officer Jessi Gilginas joins us to talk about where dogs are — and aren’t — allowed.

5 Replies to “Ask the Edmonds Cop: Rules about dogs on Edmonds beaches”

  1. Also, remember that dogs aren’t allowed at the Edmonds Museum Farmers Markets. The reason is quite simple —

    From an 2012 MEN article, “The reason for the change is simple, organizers say: The weekly summer market has become too crowded to accommodate dogs, which present a tripping hazard.”


  2. Thank you MEN for this. I hear many people complaining from both sides (dog lovers & dog haters) its great to have it clarified that dogs are NOT allowed on the beach or grassy areas but are allowed to walk on the walkways. Jessi made it nice and clear that dog owners should research or “google” if dogs are allowed.


  3. Could we get a bit of clarification? Are dogs allowed on the sidewalks to the beaches to the north of the Senior Center or are the sidewalks considered part of the beach?


    1. Several dog were at the Arts Festival, both inside the buildings and in the open area. No dog signs at entrance areas. The police who were present did not enforce.


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