Council committee Tuesday to consider change that would allow dogs in all city parks


Should dogs be allowed in all City of Edmonds parks? That’s the question that will be discussed during the council’s Tuesday, June 11 Parks and Public Works Committee meeting.

The recommendation to accommodate dogs on a leash in all city parks is one of several changes requested by city staff for city-owned parks and beaches. Those include:

– Prohibiting smoking/vaping in parks.

– Prohibiting the feeding of wildlife on waterfront beaches.

– Changing park hours to read ” closed from sunset to sunrise.” .

– Clarifying rules about the whether motor vehicles are allowed in parks.

“Currently, if someone with a dog wants to follow the rules, they would need to consult the city code to determine where they can walk their dog,” the council agenda memo notes.  Dogs would still be prohibited on playfields, beaches, playgrounds, the spray pad and school grounds.

“The parks department is prepared to install dog waste stations at all of our parks and encourage dog walkers to pick up after their pets,” the memo said.

The discussion about dogs is one of several for consideration on the Parks and Public Works Committee agenda. Others include:

– An agreement for construction management, material testing and inspection services for the 84th Avenue street overlay project.

– A utility rate increase

– An interlocal agreement with the City of Mountlake Terrace for aquatic vegetation removal in Lake Ballinger and presentation of an agreement with the Snohomish County to develop an ongoing water quality monitoring program for Lake Ballinger

– A pedestrian easement for Lynnwood Mazda

– A supplemental agreement with Parametrix for $2.3 million for the Edmonds Street Waterfront Connector

And here are highlighted agenda items of interest happening in the other committee meetings, which are held simultaneously in different rooms in the Public Safety Complex on Tuesday night:

Finance Committee (Jury Meeting Room)
– Fund balance/reserve policy discussion

– Edmonds Public Facilities District financial report

– Civic Field debt service options discussion

Planning, Public Safety, and Personnel Committee (Police Training Room)

– Indigenous Peoples Land Acknowledgment for public meetings
document Council Agenda Item Printout

– Draft Urban Forest Management Plan

Committee meetings begin at 7 p.m. in the Council Chamber, Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N. You can see the complete agenda here. This meeting will be preceded at 6:30 p.m. with interviews for candidates for the Architectural Design Board and Edmonds Planning Board, both in the Jury Meeting Room. You can see that agenda here.

16 Replies to “Council committee Tuesday to consider change that would allow dogs in all city parks”

  1. This past week I have seen dogs on Edmonds beaches, dogs at the Farmer’s Market and dogs at the City Park spray pad —- all this despite posted signs declaring No Dogs. I’m not inclined to give dog owners even more license to roam around.

    (P.S. I like dogs. I’ve had dogs. I never had the need to take them everywhere I went.)


  2. I am a dog owner and I rarely see dog owners abuse restricted beaches. The vast majority of dog owners in Edmonds are very responsible. There may be visitors that don’t know or care about the rules. Signs should be clearly posted on beaches and whatever the “spray pad” is. I think the Farmer’s Market should allow leashed dogs that are well controlled. Personally, I know many, many dog owners that have boycotted the Farmers Market due to the dog ban. I don’t know any other Farmer’s Market in the region that has a similar ban.


  3. I agree with Susan. People should be able to enjoy parks without concern for dogs. Enforce existing regulations.


    1. I agree. People are afraid of dogs, allergic to dogs, don’t want to be around dogs. We all love our pets and believe that OUR dog would never misbehave. But they do. They are animals. The idea of boycotting the Farmer’s Market because you can’t bring your dog exudes attitude of over-entitlement. It’s that “I’m special and so is my dog,” thinking. By all means, stay home. Please keep dogs out of the parks and the Farmers’ Market.


  4. I use to love to walk my dog through the Farmers Market, Maybe people can pay a fee for an annual dog access pass to the History Museum for exceptions?

    If the dog and owner can’t behave themselves then the pass could be relinquished. This could be an idea to gain access to additional Parks, since we don’t have funds to complete Civic Field update, just an idea? I would be willing to pay a fee to allow my dog the opportunity to enjoy some additional parks in Edmonds. Currently Wolf dog gets left behind on my families weekly park adventures.

    Could be called “Pup Pass” If it’s important enough to someone, people will pay for the privilege!


  5. For such a beautiful, friendly, arty, and nature-friendly area, I find it surprising how dogs are treated here. As long as the dog isn’t aggressive to people or have attack tendencies toward other dogs, I don’t understand why we don’t have a better relationship with dogs and their owners in our area. I’ve stopped going to the market and walking the marina because my 23 lb-potty-trained-photogenic-sweet-but-aloof-dog can’t come with me. I like his company yet feel very restricted walking him around here. My feeling toward the Marina Dog Park is that it’s a wonderful place for dogs to get wet and dirty but not a great place to go unless you and your dog are prepared to shower afterwards and spend energy telling other dogs to leave yours alone. Many of the dogs who run free are large and too pushy with smaller dogs who feel intimidated by them. I love neighborhoods and parks where dogs are welcome and also have good manners.


  6. I had to separate from my guests when showing them around Edmonds as so many walkways around the waterfront were banned to us with my dog along. We finally left and went up to Bridgids Bottle Shop. Dog friendly businesses attract more customers!


  7. Dog owners should responsibly be able to enjoy the city parks. The Farmer’s Market is different. On a nice Summer day it can get quite crowded. I have to wonder what low IQ person think it’s OK to force others to negotiate around their dog on a leash in a crowded space. (Tripping hazard). I have a hard time believing the dog really wants to go there in the first place for the pizza, organic strawberries, or a bead bracelet.


  8. Dogs on a leash can be a potential hazard. It gets crowded there. They could be stepped on by a market patron or cause someone to trip over them and injure them both. Also the potential for a potty break could really mess up an outing for patrons. There are two precautions that I could see being implemented:
    1. Have them confined to a dog stroller
    2. Have them held in the arms of their owner
    Both greatly reduce the risk of injury to the dog or a human.
    Both need to be clearly understood by the volunteers in charge.
    These are two that I could think of. If anyone can think of any more that can help lessen potential risks, please post.


    1. That would be a good idea, especially for larger dogs. Still, the problem with canine public urination /defecation might create a concern after the first day.


  9. The Farmer Market folks should consider reorganizing the over all schematic layout of the vendor booths.

    Locating majority of vendor booths on one side of the street would allow ample space for larger crowds as it does get quite busy in the summer months ( I love the market and happy when it’s busy).

    City could easily close off additional public street space. This could perhaps make a less stressful experience for some Edmonds folks. More promenade space could perhaps justify allowing Dogs again? Strollers, kids wagons, wheel chairs, and any other possible “tripping hazards” or cause of congestion in tight spaces could be alleviated and make more people feel welcomed.

    I always thought closing Main Street from the intersection of 6th ave down to fountain and 5th ave North could be really cool expansion for the market. Similar to car show event allowing for more capacity and easier flow of people. Why not try something new Edmonds? What’s the Risk?


  10. Before changing the ordinance the committee should acknowledge that dog owners are too frequently violating the no dogs allowed posted signage at Brackette’s Landing Marine Conservation Area Park. In my opinion, this proposed change will send a mixed signal to the public that may further increase the violation in the Brackette’s Landing Marine Conservation Area Park and other beaches. The Committee would be wise to remember that the City of Edmonds is responsible for the maintenance and management of the Conservation Area beach, tidelands, seabeds, and waters by its agreements with the State, which include many restrictions on Conservation Area Park use – no boating, no fishing, no collection of shells, and yes – no dogs, all based on principals of conservation and marine science as intended by the founders of the Park. If Parks wants to help dog owners use City Parks more effectively, they should also improve the signage and public education on the role of Park users in the daily stewardship of its Conservation Area Park and the science behind the no dogs allowed City code.


  11. I enjoy walking along the waterfront and wish I could bring my dog with me. I understand why you don’t want the dogs on the beach and grass peeing and pooping but it would be nice if we could walk our dogs on the sidewalks in the park. There are really nice parks in other cities that allow dogs on leashes. Vancouver, Washington has a beautiful park that allows dogs on leashes. It would be nice to be able to walk dogs on the sidewalks through the parks.


  12. No dog owner thinks their dog is a bad dog, i don’t think dogs are bad, i love my dogs, i think it’s their owners that misbehave and place their K9 companions in situations where they can be unpredictable. Farmers markets, the busy beaches of edmonds, and the fishing pier is no place for dogs. There are too many hazards and situations for things to go wrong. Not everyone wants dogs running up to them, licking them, sniffing them, etc. so just respect that and take your dog where they are allowed. Walk them in your neighborhood, take them to dog parks (there is some really neat ones in MLT, Richmond Beach, Shoreline, Marina Beach), take them on the burke gilman or inner urban trails, take them to county or state parks on leash. C’mon Edmonds, there’s hardly enough room for the humans who want to enjoy the waterfront and farmers market let alone everyone’s dogs.


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