Edmonds Girl Scouts present Silver Award project to Microsoft

From left: Girl Scouts Sophie Norenberg, Amanda Margo and Isis Liaw with their Microsoft mentor Josh Rolstad. (Photo courtesy Heather Margo)

Three girls from Edmonds-based Girl Scout Troop 41246 last week presented their Silver Award project to Microsoft: A website they designed to help families choose a pet by personality.

Amanda Margo, Sophie Norenberg and Isis Liaw — all from Edmonds — spoke to a full conference room of people last week about the website. Guiding them throughout the project development was Josh Rolstad, a volunteer Microsoft mentor.

The Silver Award is the second-highest award Girl Scouts can earn, and usually takes 18-24 months to achieve.

While the audience found the website design interesting, what they appreciated most was the girls’ explanation of how they went about making the site and their lessons learned, said Heather Margo, the mother of Girl Scout Amanda Margo.

“One Microsoft employee said that is always the most important part of a project,” she said. “Understanding the design process helps others. Documenting what challenges a designer faces, how they are overcome and problems that are still being solved gives others an insight into future design. Many of the people in the room had already toured the site and had comments on how easy and fun it is to use.”

After the presentation, the Girl Scouts received a tour of the Microsoft campus and offices.


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