Edmonds Parks and Recreation Director Carrie Hite resigns to take job in Redmond

Carrie Hite

Updated with information from Carrie Hite’s letter of resignation.

City of Edmonds Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director Carrie Hite has resigned to take a job with the City of Redmond.

Hite’s last day on the job is July 19.

According to a city announcement, Hite has accepted a similar position with the City of Redmond, where she will also serve as Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services.

In a letter submitted with the announcement of her resignation, Hite pointed to what she described as “a lot of uncertainty and instability in Edmonds. I know this often happens with the ebb and flow of politics, and I certainly understand and am prepared for that in my role as a municipal leader.

”This particular time in the political environment in Edmonds seems different to me. The relationship the Council has with the Administration has been impactful to staff, city processes and policies. It is difficult to navigate this and feel a sense of teamwork and security.

“A City (both Mayor and Council) is efficient, functional and stable when it has good, robust conversations with each other and with the community, and adopts solid policies and plans that are vetted and are used to guide work. Then, together as a team, we all follow these plans and

”There seems to be a breakdown in Edmonds right now. It is possible that this will improve after the coming election, but there are a lot of unknowns,” Hite added.

“It’s certainly not without a heavy heart that I must share the news of Carrie’s resignation,” said Edmonds Mayor Earling. “Carrie has been a veritable force of nature in her unwavering and persistent pursuit of major parks improvements for our community over her eight years as Parks Director.”

Earling pointed to Hite’s “impressive list” of accomplishments in Edmonds, including:

  • Completion of Hazel Miller Plaza, Dayton Street Plaza, and Veterans Plaza,
  • Revitalization of City Park, including the new kids’ spray pad,
  • Financing plan for bringing athletic fields to Woodway and Meadowdale High Schools
  • Completion of three major master-planning projects:
    • Civic Park Master Plan and its funding
    • Marina Beach Master Plan, including the associated plan for daylighting Willow Creek as a chief component of restoration of the Edmonds Marsh
    • Redevelopment of the beach and public access associated with the soon-to-begin Waterfront Center project
  • Securing over $15 million in grants funds for these and other parks projects

In addition to providing leadership on major parks improvements for the city, Hite also served as Acting Human Resources Director for five years before Mary Ann Hardie took the helm of that department. Hardie resigned last month to take a job with the City of Lacey

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my professional path in Edmonds. I grew up here, and Edmonds has a special place in my heart,” she said.

“The entire City of Edmonds staff, in particular her fellow directors and I, will certainly miss Carrie,” Earling said, “yet we wish her all the best in her new endeavors. And watch out, Redmond; you better be ready for action with Carrie on the job!”


19 Replies to “Edmonds Parks and Recreation Director Carrie Hite resigns to take job in Redmond”

  1. Carrie is undoubtedly a huge loss for our city. I have to wonder if the council-caused fiasco with our HR director, and her subsequent resignation, is not a contributing factor to Carrie’s departure.


  2. Carrie’s leadership has brought more positive activities that shape how Edmonds looks and feels. Her guidance on all the fun, beautiful, and natural amenities here will be a long-lasting legacy for all of us.

    Best wishes for her new career home.


  3. If you’ve appreciated anything Parks and Rec related in Edmonds over the past 10 years, Carrie is the reason. This is a significant loss.


  4. This is a huge loss for our community. Carrie has been nothing short of outstanding in driving great progress in our excellent parks and recreation system. Redmond’s gain is clearly our loss. Best of luck in your next chapter, Carrie!


  5. Carrie deserves in full all the recognition for her professionalism and commitment to any job at hand. I have had the privilege of working with her firsthand on the Veterans Plaza, Waterfront Center, Civic Field and other projects. What I would highlight is her integrity – from start to finish on any project, Carrie consistently ensured there was careful attention to agreed upon goals and objectives, and never strayed from what is acceptable and allowable. This community has been blessed by her presence and she will move on knowing she has made a real difference.


  6. I am saddened to learn of Carrie’s departure. I have enjoyed working with her on the Project Advisory Committee for Civic Park. I wish you the best in your new job and I am so sorry to see you leave.


  7. I have had the pleasure of working on several projects with Carrie over her years as our Parks & Recreation Director. Whenever we met, I knew I always had her undivided attention in our discussions. We are truly going to miss her. The problem(s) leading to her decision need to be identified and fixed.


  8. A true loss for Edmonds. Such a positive and impactful presence will be missed. Wishing her all the best! And also hoping Edmonds can come together and constructively, respectfully, work together to get things done. I’m trying to teach my children how to respectfully disagree and how to negotiate in a respectful manner – and in this climate – Edmonds and beyond – it’s sure hard to find role models lately. Super sad to me. Things do not have to be so hard. You can disagree and still be kind. It seems that’s been forgotten by so many. I hope the tides change.


  9. Thank you Director Hite. You have done a great job for Edmonds over the years. I have always been impressed with your level of knowledge, professionalism, and Leadership.

    On a personal note, thanks for putting up with me, you don’t get paid enough for that. Always appreciated you’re responsiveness to my many emails and willing to sit down and discuss various topics with me from time to time was over and beyond my expectations. Redmond community is lucky to have you.

    Best of Luck,

    Mike McMurray


  10. It is Edmonds loss and Redmonds great gain to have Carrie leave her job here. She is delightful to work with. As others have mentioned she has pushed forward so many projects that benefit the city.
    THANK YOU, Carrie.


  11. Carrie has done and amazing job for Edmonds and has gained the trust of citizens, council, and staff. Her positive problem solving approach to complicated issues will be missed and our next Parks Director will have a great model to follow. We will all be able to watch her progress by peeking in on the Redmond City Web site that does an amazing job of keeping people up to date on projects. Congratulation Carrie.


  12. Carrie thank you so much for your service to Edmonds. You have made an outstanding contribution to the “quality of life” we all cherish in Edmonds. Your leadership will be greatly missed. Edmonds loss is Redmond’s gain. Thank you for serving the community in which you were raised.


  13. I don’t know Director Hite personally but the great condition and improvements evident in our parks tell me all I need to know about her top notch expertise and management skills which we will have to replace.

    That said, I think it is a little unprofessional of her to criticize the sometimes volatile processes of our elected officials in her exit letter, and possibly not the smartest thing to do in terms of future professional moves. Sometimes those things come back to haunt you. It is the Council’s job to represent the taxpayers, who are the real bosses rather than just the Mayor. I respect her right to have an opinion on this, but I think it is not a good thing to express in a public exit letter. A private communication with the Council people would have been more appropriate and professional action, in my opinion.


  14. Thanks Carrie for your tremendous service to our city. You are a true parks and rec professional and manager. All the best to you.


  15. Thank you, Carrie, for the huge, positive impact you have had on Edmonds. You will be missed. I hope you will check out the MyEdmondsNeighbors page on FB, where you are getting a lot of love!


  16. Carrie…I and the entire EVP Committee will always and very positively remember working with you the past four plus years on the awesome Edmonds Veterans Plaza. THANK YOU for your commitment to excellence, professionalism in all scenarios and passion for our community…….. ALL of which has been OUTSTANDING. You will be missed! Much health happiness and success in all your new endeavor.


  17. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you on numerous parks planning committees. You have accomplished so much in the past 8 years and Edmonds is better for it. You will be dearly missed! Good luck in your new endeavors. Redmond is is lucky to get you.


  18. Carrie – Thank you for all you’ve done for the citizens of Edmonds and visitors who enjoy our special place. Every good wish to you in the next chapter of your journey. Make every day count!


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