Buckshnis launches re-election campaign promising to ‘keep doing what I’ve been doing’

Councilmember Diane Buckshnis addresses her supporters at Gallaghers’.

Edmonds City Councilmember Diane Buckshnis met with a group of more than 50 supporters Thursday evening at Edmonds’ Gallaghers’ Where u Brew pub to formally kick off her re-election campaign. Buckshnis vowed to continue serving Edmonds as a strong voice for governmental and financial transparency, the environment, community empowerment and maintaining our small-town heritage.

The two-term councilmember is being challenged for her Position 4 seat by local attorney Jenna Nand.

Buckshnis was introduced by Gallaghers’ owner Tom Kretzler, who welcomed the attendees and thanked them for showing up to “help us kick off Diane’s campaign.”

Buckshnis was introduce by Gallaghers’ owner Tom Kretzler. Co-owner Marcie Kretzler is at the right.

Buckshnis began by thanking everyone for their support over the past nine years, quipping that “it’s been a long, strange journey, as the Grateful Dead would say.” She added that she is calling this “my recycle campaign,” referring to how she is still using yard signs and informational materials from her previous runs for council.

(Buckshnis was originally appointed to the council in January 2010 to fill the position left vacant with the death of Councilmember Peggy Pritchard Olson in November 2009. She was elected twice to the seat — in 2011 and 2015.)

“I can do this because my campaign platform really remains the same,” she explained. She particularly noted that she’s been working to preserve and restore the Edmonds Marsh for years, and that this will continue to be a major focus for her.

Diane Buckshnis shares a laugh with a supporter at her Thursday evening re-election campaign kickoff.

“My record speaks for itself,” she continued. “Some of you may not like all my votes, but part of the job is knowing that you can’t please everyone. My opponent has looked through my record and according to her literature has found only three things I’ve done wrong in the past nine years. I think that’s a pretty good record.  She has no record, and we don’t know how she’ll handle the stress of the job. And take it from me, this job can get pretty stressful!”

Rich Senderoff, chair of the SnoIsle Sierra Club political committee, spoke next.

“The Sierra Club is very proud to endorse Diane,” he began. “She has been and will be the environmental champion on the Edmonds City Council. She’s worked with the Water Resources Inventory 8 Salmon Recovery Council for her entire time on Council, and for the past five years has worked on the Salmon Recovery Grant Funding Committee.

“Through these efforts and others she’s brought in significant grant money to Edmonds from both state and federal agencies,” Senderoff said.

He also pointed out that Buckshnis opposed the Edmonds Waterfront Connector from the beginning (the candidate chiming in “because it was on a sanctuary”), and also noted her appointment to the Mayor’s Climate Protection Committee.

Attendees listen to Diane Buckshnis as she lists her accomplishments.

“Beyond this, she’s supportive of the community in so many diverse ways,” he added, citing her involvement in a laundry list of groups ranging from Rotary to the Edmonds Arts Festival to the Tree Board to the Floretum Garden Club to the Off Leash Area Edmonds Dog Park.

“Being a councilmember is the hardest elected position you’ll ever have,” he concluded. “You’re immersed in the community.  Wherever you are — grocery store, athletic club, just walking the streets — you come face-to-face with your constituents, some of whom may not agree with things you’ve done or positions, values and beliefs you hold. I’m really proud of the job Diane has done, even though we may not agree on everything. Nonetheless, I supported her then, and I support her now. Every vote counts, and I urge you to join me and send Diane Buckshnis back to council for another four years.”

Learn more about Diane Buckshnis in our earlier article in My Edmonds News here.

— Story and photos by Larry Vogel

8 Replies to “Buckshnis launches re-election campaign promising to ‘keep doing what I’ve been doing’”

  1. Councilmember Buckshnis is going to ‘keep doing what I’ve been doing’ . She has driven out 2 or 3 city department directors, so she’s going to keep doing that? And she’s also going to keep ignoring questions about why she did not attend the budget retreat last week?


  2. Hello Ron, thanks for your negative view on everything I do as wasn’t it I that took over for you as a Council financial expert? You criticized me back then and you will continue to criticize me as I worked hard to totally change financial reporting to complete transparent financial with all fund balances being presented as well as changing all budget amendment protocols. Should you like to see all the work I have done – I have all the old documents that you found to be acceptable. So – your view on my work will always be distorted as I was one of the lone females in a male dominated financial world world. My record speaks for itself and your bias nature toward me or your former opponent Adrienne speaks volumes of your candor.

    Additionally, it is not my fault that I had already expensed hundreds of dollars of lodging on the Olympic Peninsula to entertain my Lithuanian friends during the budget retreat. You probably have never experienced poor – but it took them five years to save up for this trip. So what would you have done? Maybe because I am female, I am more compassionate to their needs as my former interpreter children are 13 and 11.

    BTW – I would never had met my “foreign family” and experienced the international regulatory and diplomatic world if I had not walked through the door that KPMG Peat Marwick offered me just like Redmond offered Carrie and Lacey offered Mary Ann.

    I believe both Mary Ann and Carrie at their younger ages have outstanding opportunities that had they passed them up – it would have been huge missed opportunities – so why are you stretching the story?

    Women are still not treated as equal and I am sad for our City loss – but happy for their growth opportunities. They deserve to shine and move forward in their careers.


  3. Ouch! Great response Diane. I watched that Council Meeting where you are accused of insulting and demeaning a public employee and gotta say, I sure didn’t see it that way. You certainly questioned a questionable methodology “but that’s how we’ve always done it” process to determine raises for non-represented City personnel. My interpretation was that the employee’s boss put the employee on the spot to champion his cause, then made you the fall person in her resulting so called public shaming and departure from the City staff. From all the hand wringing and accusations one would think these two people are totally irreplaceable. I just bet there are a couple of junior Dept. employees just chomping at the bit to get that promotion and prove themselves; or some just out of College grads who will take the jobs at half the salary, and then break their necks to make good for themselves and the town. That’s how things work in America. At least that’s how they are supposed to work. You go Council Person Buckshnis! Give the “Good ‘Ol Boy’s Club” a run for it’s money. Me thinks, “the times, they are a chang’in” in Edmonds.


  4. Clint, do not agree with your comments
    Diane has been on the council too long need new blood. Than Edmonds will be a chang “ng”


  5. Don, my friend and neighbor, you and your wonderful wife are two of the reasons that living in this town continues to be a good thing. I just love having you around to disagree with me. Thanks for putting up with me, the barking dog and the bad landscaping. You’re the best!


  6. City Council culture is bad. Biggest take-away from the debates is that the Council Members aren’t the best team. Individually, all are good people. Hopefully the new Mayor isn’t already council member, or is at least able change the culture. I’ve heard rumor of Mayor Earling wearing a King costume at a company party. Getting the council to focus on Edmonds, not their legacy, not Seattle, not just the bowl, is going to be a challenge. Should we just choose someone at random?

    Constitutional Peasants:


  7. Interesting comments Matt. I think I pretty much agree with you, except maybe the idea that the Council culture is bad. On, the other hand, maybe we are saying the same thing when I suggest that the current system is as much or more the problem than the people involved. You either have to totally love Edmonds, or be a masochist, to take on Council responsibilities from a time and economic reward standpoint.

    Should the city council even see itself as a team? It obviously is not based on what came out in the debate. I think we would all be better off if each council member represented a specific neighborhood or district with common interests, needs and problems to solve. If your streets are crap; full of potholes; you ought to at least be able to talk directly to someone in power who has to drive over those same potholes everyday.

    I didn’t live in town during the time of a couple of the Mayors backing Tibbott, but I have lived in town thru the Haakenson and Earling years, so I could be a little off base here. My mother lived here during the pre-Haakenson era, so I do have some insight about those years. My impression is that due to the nature (power dynamic) of the Mayoral position, we have gotten more and more into a strong ego centered personality type seeking that position. It attracts the type of people who are more about seeking control and influence than those who are just about fixing the roads and cutting the grass in parks, etc.

    To me, this election is a referendum on whether we want to continue with the strong controlling personality Mayoral model or maybe switch to a more egalitarian (feel free to google it); do the business of all the people; not just the important people; Mayoral model. I think the connector debacle came out of the desire of the Mayor to be an important figure in solving regional, non Edmond’s problems. The ferries are the state’s problem and the trains are Mr. Buffet’s problem. When those entities cause problems for our town, we need a Mayor who says, come on folks join me in camping out on the tracks for a couple nights, or join me in the crowd yelling “Save our Beach.”


    1. Clint. Right on. Just from a work-vs-reward perspective, I wonder why anyone would want to be on City Council. What a time vampire it is. City Council is sorta a job application for mayor, or a farm league position for party politics. The mayor gets paid. The perks attract people. I see the City Council as sort of like the mailman. If he/she does a good job, you appreciate them but are also able to take them for granted, knowing theyre doing their job and staying in their lane. Our council needs lane-assist.

      “this election is a referendum on whether we want to continue with the strong controlling personality Mayoral model”

      That is my interest in this entirely.

      The country is so partisan, Mike Nelson likely to do well. If he gets elected, we deserve it. Should that happen and the lawsuits hes attracted go another way, I’ll lead his recall. Edmonds is for sale.

      Shipley is the only non-incumbant. Hes the type of candidate everyone says they want but are usually too chicken $ to vote for. I kinda like the idea of his bosses working for him.


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