Can you host an exchange student attending Meadowdale HS this fall?

A group of Duncan’s exchange students last year, who represented five continents.

Wanted immediately: A volunteer host family for a 15-year-old exchange student from Egypt who will be attending Meadowdale High School this fall.

The boy did have a host family, but recently discovered a severe pet allergy. He arrives on Aug. 6 and needs a new family that has no pets, said local exchange program coordinator Jennie Duncan.

The student has excellent grades and very good English, and likes to volunteer, Duncan said. “He says he’s easy going, and can’t wait to fly on his first plane ride to meet his new family,” she added. “He loves sports of all kind and can share a room with another teen boy.”

He has his own insurance and spending money and his host family gets a small write-off each month. The family also receives 24/7 local support.

Contact Jennie Duncan at for more information.

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  1. I am no longer in a position to host a student, but would urge anyone who can to do so. Over the years we hosted 5-6 international students and it is a wonderful experience. Even after many, many years I am still in contact with most of them and followed them thru their university studies, marriages and families. Meeting and learning about other peoples, customs and nations opens up the world to you.


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