Edmonds City Council committee July 9 to review proposed contract for downtown parking study

A proposed contract for $91,000 to conduct a downtown parking study is among the items on the Edmonds City Council’s Parks and Public Works Committee agenda this Tuesday, July 9.

The last downtown parking study was completed in 2003, the council agenda notes, and since that time, downtown Edmonds has become a “significant destination where people live, work, shop and eat.” In addition, there have been changes to parking and zoning — as well as planned redevelopment– that will impact parking demands.

The initial scope of work in the proposed professional services agreement with consultant Framework includes the following:

– Data collection of existing conditions (including parking inventory, utilization, license plate readings)

– Evaluation of future parking demand (over next 10 years)

–  Public engagement

– Parking strategies and recommendations (such as enforcement, tick-mark expansion, time limit limitations, additional private parking lots, parking permit process, parking requirement based on land use category, roadway re-configurations, bike-share locations, shuttle option, paid parking options…)

– Implementation plan including timeline, estimates, and monitoring of recommendations

The study is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.

What follows is a summary of agenda items for all three committees, which meet in different rooms simultaneously starting at 7 p.m. in the Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N., Edmonds. Committee meetings are work sessions for council members and staff. While they are open to the public, no public comment is taken. Note also that the same agenda item may be scheduled for discussion in more than one committee.

Parks and Public Works Committee (Council Chamber)
– Report on bids for the Dayton Street Stormwater Pump Station Project.

– Contracts for construction, administration and design support for the waterfront redevelopment project planned in front of the Edmonds Senior Center.

– A proposal to amend Edmonds Community Development Code Chapter 20.70 Street Vacations to address a variety of issues.

– Presentation regarding a City of Edmonds Facility Condition Assessment study by Mckinstry.

– Discussion of a new contract with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife for the Edmonds Fishing Pier renovation, to replace a contract that expired.

– An interlocal agreement with the Edmonds School District for Meadowdale Preschool.

– A request for bid for Frances Anderson Center roofing.

-A proposal for a personal services contract for a program administrator at the wastewater treatment plant.

– A discussion of design for the Willow Creek daylighting and Edmonds Marsh restoration project.

Finance Committee (Jury Meeting Room)
– May 2019 Monthly Financial Report.

– Second quarter 2019 budget amendment.

– Probation officer court position.

– City of Edmonds Facility Condition Assessment study by Mckinstry.

– Proposal for personal services contract for program administrator at the wastewater treatment plant.

– Review contract for administrative assistant in charge of audio/video recording to city council. 

– Willow Creek daylighting and marsh restoration design

Planning, Public Safety, and Personnel Committee (Police Training Room)
– Update on Climate Goals Project

– Probation officer court position

– Amend Edmonds Community Development Code Chapter 20.70 Street Vacations

Prior to the committee meetings, the council is scheduled to meet starting at 5:30 p.m. in executive session, closed to the public, to discuss pending or potential litigation and to evaluate the qualifications of an applicant for public employment.

You can see the complete agenda for the committee meetings here.

5 Replies to “Edmonds City Council committee July 9 to review proposed contract for downtown parking study”

  1. It is easy to sit on the sidelines of a sports event and root for your team.
    Politics should be a more thoughtful process.
    I read the agenda for the evening meeting issues to be addressed in sub-committees of the City Council tomorrow evening. If these subcommittees are processing the details on important issues, how can the details be addressed in one evening? It is important for the council members, the mayor, and the community to understand the issues and clearly define the purpose/expense. Growth, no growth, is that really an option? Making the community sustainable, supporting the elements that make Edmonds special without ignoring the need to support schools, general infrastructure, and a business community that thrives. None of these are simple and we all have bias, so we need to have open discussions; come to some agreement that may not always be perfect for all, but is better than the status quo situation. The budget of the city, the debt of the city, and the Federal funds that may be available, should be part of the dialogue. It is up to the community to either participate, or not expect to have budget issues meet their approval.


  2. ARE THEY INSANE!?! How many parking studies do you plan??? I have been here 23 years and seen 2 0r 3 parking studies. One concluded we had no parking problem in Edmonds. I don’t know the outcome of the other(s). Glad I am only a business owner and not a resident of Edmonds to see my tax dollars be wasted so. Let me save you $91K….We have a parking problem in downtown Edmonds. There.


  3. If I am reading this correctly a proposed contract is either being presented or reviewed by the city counsel. I don’t see anything wrong with a contract being proposed to the city counsel. This is how cities learn about options and possible solutions that are out there.

    I do have a major issue with the city spending $91,000.00 on a contract to study parking in downtown Edmonds…
    1. The city recently allowed multi-family housing to be built in downtown Edmonds that allocated no parking stall requirement on the developer. This was a change from previous years requiring developers to include a certain amount of parking stalls for their buildings.
    2. Because the city allowed the developer to build housing without parking the city doesn’t care about parking in downtown Edmonds.
    3. Because the city doesn’t care about parking in downtown Edmonds the city counsel should unanimously reject the proposed contract for $91,000.00 to study parking in downtown Edmonds.

    Let’s get back to what works. If a developer wants to develop in Edmonds they should be required to include parking stalls to support their buildings. The city does not need to build parking. If the city was considering building parking don’t. It will be a waste of money. I can’t tell you how many cities I have been in across this beautiful nation of ours that have similar sized downtowns with city parking that at one time was being charged for… no one parked there… the city made the parking free… making the whole investment a waste of tax payer money.

    Our downtown Edmonds stores usually support 4-5 patrons max at one time… BY DESIGN. When the stores are closed the extra parking opens up for restaurants that can support 15-20 patrons at one time (Some more some less).

    Let’s get smart with our money please. We don’t need to be a mini Seattle we need to be Edmonds. A wonderful seaside community where everyone enjoys living, working, and playing!


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