Edmonds Police Blotter: June 25-July 1, 2019

June 25

8600 block 244th Street Southwest: A vehicle prowl was reported.

24100 block 105th Place West: A residential theft occurred.

8200 block 186th Street Southwest: Police received a report of possible neglect of an elderly couple at their residence.

21800 block 82nd Avenue West: Suspicious text messages were reportedly sent.

June 26

23600 block Highway 99: A man took a 24-pack of Modelo brand beer from Safeway and walked out of the store without making any attempt to pay for it. A police area check located the suspect sleeping at Aurora Village next to the beer with one bottle in hand. He was cited and released.

21700 block 76th Avenue West:  A vehicle prowl was reported in a business parking garage. The reporting party found a rear window broken and a suitcase missing.

22300 block 99th Place West: Reporting party left a garage door open overnight and credit cards and other items were stolen from unlocked vehicles inside garage.

100 block Dayton Street: Two men in their early 20s entered Harbor Square Athletic Club and proceeded to the men’s lockers. They were recognized as not being members and matched the description of similar subjects in the past few months who have stolen from lockers. When confronted, the men fled in a Lime car toward I-5. No thefts occurred.

500 block Holly Drive: A man reported possible fraudulent or suspicious activity involving a medical supply monitoring company sending him a past due notice bill. He never heard of the company and never set up an account with them. An investigation revealed a civil issue that was resolved.

21600 block 76th Avenue West: An elderly person was reported missing.

June 27

7800 block 240th Street Southwest: A bicycle was found abandoned and unsecured in a park.

20700 block 80th Avenue West: A woman said her ex-boyfriend broke into her garage through the garage window.

7800 block 196th Street Southwest: A verbal argument was reported between boyfriend and girlfriend.

23800 block Highway 99: A counterfeit $5 bill was reported

18300 block 76th Avenue West: A man was cited for suspended driving and possession/use of drug paraphernalia after admitting to use and consenting to a vehicle search during a traffic stop.

18400 block 76th Avenue West: A vehicle rolled back into a patrol vehicle during a traffic stop. No damage was reported to either vehicle.

June 28

11100 block Mukilteo Speedway: Police assisted Mukilteo PD with a burglary at a veterinary clinic.

22900 block 106th Avenue West:  Paint was splashed on a portable classrom and a  greenhouse was damaged.

18900 block Soundview Place: An unlocked vehicle was prowled overnight and a  backpack taken.

700 block Northstream Lane: A woman left her car unlocked while at the gym and when she returned she found compartments open in the vehicle.

18900 block Soundview Place: Two unlocked trucks were prowled with only cash taken. Other items of value were left. A checkbook found down the street was returned.

7300 block 215th Street Southwest:  A boyfriend and girlfriend got into an argument and the girlfriend stabbed the boyfriend in the back with a knife.

1000 block 4th Avenue South: A vehicle prowl was reported with no damage to the vehicle.

23600 block Highway 99:A shoplift occurred at TJ Maxx.

7500 block Braear Drive: Victim reported an online/phone gift card payment scam.

21800 block 97th Avenue West: A man lost his wallet.

23400 block 94th Place West: A man was arrested and booked for a misdemeanor warrant and DUI.

800 block 15th Street Southwest: A driver was arrested for DUI after crashing into a tombstone in the cemetery.

June 29

6900 block Meadowdale Beach Road: A woman made a comment on social media, leading her friend to believe she is suicidal.

23700 block Edmonds Way: A woman was arrested and booked for DUI and refusal to give information/cooperate with an officer after providing a fake ID.

300 block Admiral Way: Unknown subjects took an engine part from a boat.

22800 block 75th Avenue West: A mother and daughter had a verbal argument.

23600 block Highway 99: Police responded to a report of found property with security tags still attached. Determined property belonged to Home Depot and it was returned to them.

June 30

9th Avenue South/Walnut Street: A traffic stop led to a DUI arrest.

23500 block 94th Avenue West: Unknown subjects broke multiple local street signs.

500 block Elm Way: Someone went into an unlocked vehicle and took change.

July 1

700 block Edmonds Way: A traffic stop led to a DUI arrest.

22800 block Lakeview Drive: Police were involved in a vehicle pursuit of a felony warrant subject who rammed a Mountlake Terrace patrol car and struck an officer. See story here.

100 block 5th Avenue South: Two men attempted to disrupt power and pry a door open at  a business.

22000 block Highway 99: Theft of cell phone was reported from a store.

8500 block 242nd Street Southwest: A multi-colored fixed blade knife was found.


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