Edmonds Restaurant News: Plans taking shape for high-end Mexican restaurant at 102 Main

Claudia Arechiga and George Sharawy with the architectural plans for Kahlo’s, planned for 102 Main St.

When George Sharawy describes his plans for Kahlo’s Restaurant and Cantina, it’s impossible to resist his contagious enthusiasm.

“We’re going to bring a restaurant the caliber of Daniel’s Broiler to Edmonds,” said Sharawy.

General Manager Claudia Arechiga couldn’t help smiling as Sharawy painted a vivid picture of the planned high-end restaurant that will feature dazzling array of contemporary Mexican cuisine. “Kahlo’s will be a restaurant unlike anything currently in downtown Edmonds, Sharawy said.

Expect to see a major overhaul and upgrade to the former Copper Pot Indian restaurant space located at 102 Main St.

They intend to capitalize on the assets the property provides. Their geographic proximity to the water and westward view points will allow for some great sunsets. With that in mind, they’ve put a lot of thought into their spacious patio. In the fall and spring, infrared patio warmers will enable visitors to dine out. Dog lovers, cyclists and others will be able to relax and enjoy their meals most of the year outdoors.

There will be fire pits outdoors and fire tables inside. The 3,200- square-foot space will be completely altered inside and out, with all new fixtures and kitchen equipment. A fountain feature is also planned to grace the exterior.

“We’ve been working with the Everett architecture firm 2812,” Sharawy said. “Adam Clark and Jeff Savert have been amazing. I’ve worked with them on other restaurant ventures, they’re just great.”

Arechiga will take the G.M. spot with years of experience serving and/or managing fine dining establishments. She’s learned the ropes variously at places like John Howie Steak, Milagro, Kingsgate, and Agave Cantina.

“Claudia and I met a couple of years ago and began dreaming of a restaurant that will draw people from all over the region — a restaurant that will provide the highest level of quality and service,” Sharawy said.

Initially, their primary focus is to get Kahlo’s up and running here in Edmonds. Next, they plan to introduce catering. Finally if people respond as hoped, they’ll introduce other Kahlo’s regionally.

The name, as you might have guessed, is an homage to the legendary artist Frida Kahlo.

A major advantage will be the 21 dedicated parking spaces available to patrons. That’s right folks, parking right in front of the restaurant. There’s a lot to be said for the convenience of being able to pull right up to your destination and not have hunt down a space blocks away.

Arechiga provided me with a list of some of the planned menu items — they sound pretty intriguing.

They intend to offer only the finest cuts and varieties of meat and seafood, including waygu beef popularized in Japan.

In fact, the grill looks like it will be the busiest element in the restaurant.

Parrilladu Mixta, a mixed grill board looks very promising. Mango salmon, borcheta, churrasco and something they’re calling pescado serendeado rellenos will also be offered.

I’m hopeful that the permitting gods will be benevolent, and we may see this restaurant up and wowing us before the end of the year.

James Spangler By James Spangler

The furthest thing from a finicky eater, James Spangler insisted on trying everything on the table from the earliest age. At 13, he prepared Baked Alaska for an entire classroom and has had an insatiable appetite for good food ever since.


10 Replies to “Edmonds Restaurant News: Plans taking shape for high-end Mexican restaurant at 102 Main”

  1. News of an upscale restaurant in Edmonds that would feature “contemporary Mexican cuisine” is exciting. We once had the privilege of eating at ELOTE in Sedona Arizona and have long looked forward to something similar in quality in the Edmonds area. So this is exciting news.

    What is not exciting news is it having a ‘dog friendly’ outside area. People should be able to eat outside without being in the proximity of animals. We can’t imagine anything more unappetizing than an animal relieving or ‘grooming’ itself, not to mention other unpredictable behavior.

    The Greater Seattle area has become enthusiastic about dog ownership, which is fine on the surface. Allowing dogs in Home Depot or Lowes is one thing. But they have no place in restaurants.

    What is next? Cats, pet rabbits and rodents?


  2. I disagree with the previous poster. I would be excited for the opportunity to be able to enjoy dining outdoors and also bring my dog. I think most dogs are well behaved and most people find no issue with sharing a space with them. I hope they do keep that as an option in their plans. If you don’t want to be around dogs, you can just eat inside?


    1. Culturally we’ve become weird. People usually hate dining around kids, not dogs. I’m the opposite. I enjoy a crying baby, over a barking dog-o. People want unconditional love from an animal that’s happy if you feed it, but I’m resolved and know my kids might hate me some day. People > Dogs.

      I’m super impressed with the plan these guys have for this space. 🙂


  3. ” If you don’t want to be around dogs, you can just eat inside? ”

    I love being around dogs. Just not when I’m eating at a restaurant for the reasons already stated. I shouldn’t have to eat inside to accommodate a dog that would be just fine at home and would never know the difference.


  4. I have a dog. I don’t want to take him out to eat with me. I’ll go somewhere else if I have to put up with other people’s dogs when I’m paying too much for a meal. Where’s the problem here?


  5. I love the idea of having a dog-friendly space at a restaurant.
    I would not, however, bring my current 16-month-old dog as she is a barker and would disturb my dinner, let alone other diners.
    My previous pup, Annie, a Jack Russell Terrier who was also my service animal would have been perfect. Always, quiet, composed, and loved by all that met her.
    We already have a mexican/spanish restaurant in town that serves “contemporary Mexican cuisine”; one can be dog-friendly.
    For those who comment about their preference for children – there are some who dislike the screeching child but accept it as a part of life. Why not just accept the random restaurant with a dog-friendly area as a part of life.


  6. Is there enough space for outside tables? Already has Paper boxes on Main. Sidewalks getting narrower all the time. People with wheel chairs or walking issues have to zig and zag on the sidewalks now. Just wondering?


    1. Really, have none of you been to Europe where we dine with our well behaved animals. I much prefer that to screaming children.


      1. Yes, I have. But but can you guarantee the doges will be well-behaved or quiet? Still, it’s not a one or the other situation and I don’t care for dogs in restaurants, or screaming children. But I’m free to go elsewhere, and will.


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