Edmonds Writing Sisters celebrate book launch

The space at Edmonds’ ArtWorks was packed Sunday afternoon for the Edmonds Writing Sisters launch of its anthology, Writing In Place: Prose & Poetry from the Pacific Northwest.

Edmonds Writing Sisters was founded 17 years ago after Kizzie Jones and Monda Van Hollebeke met at a Write on the Sound conference. They were joined by Andra Lawrence, Joanne Peterson, Mimi Stuart Armstrong, Julia Niebuhr Eulenberg, Edythe Stromme and Reni Roxas.

Since the group’s founding, long-time members Eulenberg and Stromme have passed away, but they were recognized Sunday. The book includes Eulenerg’s and Edythe’s biographies and writings, and some of their work was read during the event.

The anthology includes essays, vignettes, excerpts of memoir, short stories and newspaper columns, plus poetry and prose poems. It is available at the Edmonds Bookshop.

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  1. I was happy to attend The Writing Sisters book launch yesterday. What an amazing group of women writers to have made their anthology a wonderful collection of prose and poetry available to us with their special Northwest Edmonds flair. Seventeen years of togetherness is quite an accomplishment.
    I thank each and every one of the writers for this delightful anthology.
    Ingrid Wolsk


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