Scene in Edmonds: The eagle is landing

A recent shot from Patrick Penna, taken in the tide flats south of Marina Beach at low tide.

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  1. Good photo. It looks as though this year’s offspring of one of our local nesting pairs (possible the Pt. Edwards pair) has fledged and is learning how to fish. It has only a few more weeks to gain independence from its parents as our local pairs usually depart town in August, presumably to hunt spawning salmon in rivers up north. They typically return in late September to mid October.


  2. Terrific shot, Patrick! And, thank you Bill for the information about the eagles. I’ve often wondered how long the fledglings stay with their parents and where our local nesting pair, up here at Point Edwards, go when we don’t see them later in the summer.


    1. I don’t know for certain where they go either, but the Stiilaguamish, Noosack, and Skagit rivers are the nearest sources of spawning salmon. All three are favorite gathering places for eagles from far and wide during spawning season.

      Our resident eagles will not have to leave home if a salmon run can be established locally through the daylighting of Willow Creek.


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