Ask the Edmonds Cop: New rules about where you can take your dogs

City of Edmonds Animal Control Officer Jessi Gilginas returns to the program to explain the new rules that cover where owners can take their dogs in Edmonds.

7 Replies to “Ask the Edmonds Cop: New rules about where you can take your dogs”

  1. “There’s more and more dog owners”

    Is not justification for dogs being allowed in more and more areas when leash laws are not enforced now. Walk through Yost or Pine Ridge Parks and you are just as likely to see an off leash dog as not, nor is it uncommon to see off leash dogs at Marina Beach. Anyone that visits these parks on a regular basis knows this is true. Expanding the areas Animal Control Officers patrol without increased resources means more off leash dogs.


  2. More than half of the 100 times I’ve walked through Pine Ridge and Yost in the last year I see off leash dogs. Initially that’s an owner issue. Leash laws are not enforced in those parks sufficiently to stem the consistently seen off leash dogs. I’d guess that’s a staffing issue.

    As an aside: As a responsible dog owner, I’m sure you’re aware that dogs and cats are responsible for a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by animal agriculture. I’ve almost always had one or the other and I’m certainly not advocated a ban – but MORE is no longer good.


    1. Well, you know, some say that about people, too. “More is no longer good.” Personally, I’m all all for people…and dogs.


  3. There is a reason families rarely have 8 – 14 kids like was common prior to the pill being introduced in the 60s. Once effective birth control became available, most people chose to have far less children, because it was far more sustainable for their families to have 2 and not 12.

    When it comes to the planet, be it people or pets, more is not better. There is no shortage of either.


    1. Patrick, you’re right on. The late Hans Rosling gave a fantastic presentation on the changing family demographics.

      Australia and Pacific Islanders have done a better job to understand the end-to-end environmental impact of our comfort animals. Cats decimate base animal species, caused countless extinctions for sport. Dogs eat 30% of the nation’s meat and 5% of our landfill mass is dog refuse in plastic bags. A dog is tantamount to an SUV according to studies.

      Dogs are replacing people in that people want unconditional love, where as human relationships require effort. There’s even a trend called Dog-Fishing where animals are co-opted as props for carnal relationships.


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