Edmonds City Council committee to take up downtown parking study scope Aug. 13

Among the items that the Edmonds City Council is scheduled to take up in committee meetings on Tuesday, Aug. 13 is the scope of a proposed Downtown Edmonds parking study.

The city is continuing to gather feedback for that scope, and the public is encouraged to fill out the online survey here. The deadline is Monday, Aug. 12 to allow time for staff to compile feedback and include it in the Parks and Public Works Committee discussion Aug. 13. You can learn more in our report of the city’s Aug. 8 public meeting or watch the video of that meeting here.

Here is the complete agenda for all three committees, which meet in separate rooms starting at 7 p.m. in the Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N., Edmonds.

Parks and Public Works Committee (Council Chamber)
1. Edmonds Rotary Oktoberfest Special Event Contract

2. Report on Bids for the 84th Ave Overlay

3. Alternatives Analysis for Willow Creek Daylight Project

4. Presentation of Supplemental Agreement with Shannon & Wilson for the Willow Creek Daylight Project

5. Presentation of Professional Services Agreement with Framework for the 2019 Downtown Parking Study

Finance Committee (Jury Meeting Room)
1. Deputy City Clerk Position (reclassification)

2. June 2019 Quarterly Financial Report

3. Annual Fund Balance Report

4. Implémentation of House Bill 1406, which authorizes a participating city or county to receive a small portion (0.0073%) of the state’s current sales tax revenue for certain housing purposes, including affordable housing.

Planning, Public Safety, and Personnel Committee (Police Training Room)
1. Water/Sewer Maintenance Worker Minimum Qualifications Change

2. Deputy City Clerk Position (reclassification)

You can see the complete agenda for committee meetings here. The council is scheduled to meet in executive session at 6:45 p.m., prior to committee meetings, to discuss pending or potential litigation.


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