Edmonds police to conduct pedestrian safety patrols Aug. 3-15

The Edmonds Police Department traffic unit will be conducting pedestrian safety emphasis patrols from Aug. 3-15. 

Patrols will be occurring on Highway 99 from 212th Street Southwest to 244th Street Southwest and in downtown Edmonds around 5th and Main. 

“Traffic Safety is a “Two-Way Street” (bad pun intentional),” the department said in a Tweet. “Vehicles & Pedestrians both need to do their part.”


4 Replies to “Edmonds police to conduct pedestrian safety patrols Aug. 3-15”

  1. Thank you for doing this.
    I, and my leashed dog, were nearly hit while crossing 3rd Ave S at Dayton St.
    It appeared that the driver (a young woman) was taking a selfie while executing the turn. She was looking up to the right at her phone.
    She was driving a red VW – older car – that had horrible muffler noise.
    I am so glad that I was alert; I was able to jerk my dog back and back away from the path of that car.
    The other drivers waiting at that intersection were clearly shocked by the incident.
    While walking through downtown Edmonds I see so many people looking at or fiddling with their phones.


  2. Will there be citations for walking at dark hours with dogs without Reflecting Gear on?
    I usually walk my dog after work pretty late due to my schedule.
    I just want to know so i can go buy some reflection tape now or if i don’t then i will not stress about it.

    Thanks for your help.


  3. I take exception to the admonition to “use marked crosswalks.” Where I live on 5th Ave. S., near Elm, there are no marked crosswalks. Getting to and from the Rt. 130 bus, I have to cross busy 5th Ave. wherever I can. I always wait for a nice long gap in traffic, both directions simultaneously, then I dash for the other side.


  4. Good to see that Hwy 99 will have full coverage during this time. I don’t think dogs will be often
    involved on this Hwy, mainly folks walking and running across the Highway. Good luck.


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