From the Edmonds Mayor: The coming election (s)

Mayor Dave Earling

No, not just the coming primary election, we also need to gear up for the November general election. Many of you probably have neighbor discussions, read My Edmonds News and the Beacon, attend Town Halls at the local level, read the Herald and Seattle Times, watch TV news and — more and more — social media in making your election decisions.

In the primary election the main focus for Edmonds residents is the four-way mayor’s race, the school board contests, and our local county council district. When the primary is over, at the local level the field will broaden with four contested city council races, more school board contests, and judicial races. In addition, we will have contested Snohomish County races. The county executive is running unopposed.

For candidates, elections are intense times. If contested, candidates and their supporters work from dawn to dusk. Whether door belling neighborhoods, waving signs at a corner, returning phone calls, attending town forums, or just worrying, it’s an intense time! And then there is the issue of raising money… as I said in at least one of my races, “I’m not in this for practice!” When your name is on the line, knowing your supporters are working hard and believe your platform is the best, you work hard.

I must say, I am envious of the county executive this year and any other unopposed candidate running for office. I have run with everything from multi-candidate primaries to two-person races to unopposed. I have been unopposed twice and that is vastly preferred!! Even in an unopposed race, it is a time to get out to do some door belling, put the signs out, send mailers to the public, and attend forums. It is your time as a candidate to listen and learn from the community about their interests and priorities.

When many of you read this week’s column you will have already voted. Good for you! If you have not already voted, please do. The primary ballot this year is brief and you might think you will just pay more attention and vote in the November election. I may be “old fashioned” about voting, but I believe it is our right and privilege to participate in each and every election. I hope you feel the same.

— By Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling


3 Replies to “From the Edmonds Mayor: The coming election (s)”

  1. “It is your time as a candidate to listen and learn from the community about their interests and priorities.”

    Obviously, something you never learned.


  2. While I generally agree with the Mayor more often than not, I must take exception with him concerning the lack of opposition in any political contest. Single candidate races signal a problem, lack of interest, lack of ideas, fear, etc. We should be concerned when candidates aren’t forthcoming for whatever reason. Competition is a good thing, particularly in politics.

    Please get engaged and vote.


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