From the Publisher’s Desk: Our policy on candidate comments

Recently, I came across a comment on a social media site that suggested I am allowing critical comments of candidates to appear here to increase our site traffic.

It’s only Aug. 9. The primary election hasn’t even been certified yet. And then there’s the general election to deal with.

I want to assure you that my intentions throughout the primary election were to be fair and to allow all viewpoints to be heard. Even from those people that many people don’t like. Even from those who may not like YOUR candidate. That’s going to be my focus for the general election as well.

However, there are views, and then there are accusations. I don’t have the time to track down the truthfulness of comments posted in a public forum that allege this illegal dealing or that unethical practice of certain candidates. So starting today, through Nov. 6, here’s the plan. If you have an allegation against a candidate that you believe needs looking into, email it to Include links to documentation and/or send attachments. I am going to keep a list of these accusations/allegations and I will periodically review and follow up on them if I believe they have merit. I will even ask the candidates about them.

This does NOT mean I am censoring statements from people who want to say why they don’t like a candidate. While I agree that we need to be respectful, this is a democracy, and democracy is messy. We have be able to share both the pros and cons of those we elect to represent us. I am not a fan of group think and I don’t think it serves us well — especially now when we are so divided both locally and nationally.

If you have questions, let me know. But now, when your comment doesn’t appear the way you submitted it — or doesn’t appear at all — you will know why.


Teresa Wippel, Publisher


4 Replies to “From the Publisher’s Desk: Our policy on candidate comments”

  1. Great comment and plan Teresa. I totally agree with your approach and commend you on it. Objectivity and fairness need to prevail to the extent possible in our election process. Unfortunately hypocrisy has become the touchstone in all our political processes nationally and locally. It is genuinely difficult and challenging to look at issues and people with a truly open mind. Punch and counter punch just isn’t interesting after while. Sensible people are sick and tired of it already.


  2. One of the many things I like about myedmondsnews is the straight forward non partial reporting that is difficult to find nowadays. We could use more of this.


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