Good news: Cat rescued from tree

Want to hear some good news? Edmonds resident Marni Muir shared a heartwarming story of a cat rescue, which occurred Thursday.

That morning, Muir said, she received a phone call from her renter, Molly Elizabeth Stoulil, stating that for the last three days she had heard an animal howling and couldn’t figure out what it was. Then, she saw a black cat sitting in a cedar tree — 40-feet plus high — behind Muir’s house.

Stoulil went off to work and Muir called 911, but learned that first responders no longer are dispatched to get cats down from trees. She then called her arborist, who referred her to another arborist. When she did not hear back from them, she walked around the neighborhood knocking on doors, to no avail.

After posting messages to social media, within an hour Muir received a call from Vivian Bennett, a local dentist who thought the cat might be hers. She arrived at Muir’s home with her gardener and one of her contractors, whose ladder was not long enough to reach the cat.

So Bennett called South County Fire directly for help.

“They said they were on their way when a truck was available,” Muir said. “When they arrived they used their aerial ladder and two of the firemen went up with the crate and rescued the cat.

‘Was that cat ever happy,” she added. “We have many heroes in our lives and it was such a treat to experience these heroes on what might have been just another day.”

Turns out the cat did not belong to Bennett, a local dentist from Shoreline who shares a practice with her husband.  The cat was taken to PAWS in Lynnwood. But he had a microchip and his name is Reginald, Muir said.

“The owners have been contacted and he will soon be back home,” she added.



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