Letter to the editor: An Edmonds Musical, ‘Preaching to the Choir, Edmonds Politics’

Musical: Preaching to the Choir, Edmonds Politics


Preacher (happens to be an agnostic atheist), Lori Rasmussen, Edmonds resident

Readers: You

Church Newsletter Editor: Ms. Wippel, Editor of My Edmonds News, City Council meetings

Church Choir: All Edmonds residents who are informed on City Government happenings

Church Holiday Attendees (CHAs): Blamers, Naysayers

Church Leaders: Edmonds City Council

Scene One

Preacher: (speaking as Church Newsletter editor) “Ms. Wippel, Thank you for reporting on the Edmonds Church Council meetings. I especially appreciate today’s article, because I forgot there was a Church Council meeting on Aug.13. I receive my Church Bulletin in an automated email. My husband picks up the Church Newsletter on his return from the gym. It is so nice we offer them free throughout the city, even for people who do not attend the church. Maybe someday they will.”

Scene Two

Church Holiday Attendees (CHAs): (Speaking among themselves) “Have you heard the latest? It is scheduled to happen next month. We didn’t say they could do this. We need to stop them from moving forward with these expensive, invasive projects. Let’s go to the church. Let’s stop along the way and pick more people up. Let’s create a rally cry and posters to make sure they hear us. They just do what they want.”

Scene Three

Church Leaders: (Speaking with CHAs) “We acknowledge you are very upset, and we are going to act immediately on your concerns. We are also going to continuously improve our communication and outreach. Please know it will take time and know we are taking this seriously. We invite you to come to church more often, and volunteer to help us improve our community.”

Church Holiday Attendees: (Speaking among themselves) “We do not necessarily have time to go to church more often, volunteer, attend meetings, read the newsletters, etc. Even if we do read the newsletter, do they expect us to remember they mentioned a project? We need to be able to trust them to do things for us and tell us what they are doing.”

Scene Four

Preacher speaking with Editor“For those unavailable to attend, or watch on TV, Ms. Wippel, your articles are key in connecting members to the happenings of the church. Do you know, I heard there are even health benefits to reading to someone else. Can you imagine, what if junior high and high school teachers brought the newsletters into the curriculum.  Parents look for ways to engage their teenagers in conversations. Maybe, the church newsletter could become the story for a school musical bringing the community together! Let’s say a prayer. (Then the preacher remembered she is an agnostic atheist).

— By Lori Rasmussen

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